Steve D’Amato found his way to BASIS Independent Brooklyn by following his lifelong passion for teaching students of all ages to read literature. In the past seven years, Steve has worked as a dedicated Professor of English and Writing at both Brooklyn College and York College of the City University of New York, and as an expert 6th - 12th grade English and Language Arts teacher at other private institutions in the tri-state area. While he specializes in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literature, Steve has also created and taught specialty research courses in film and drama.


Although Mr. D’Amato teaches English, his passion and interests extend far beyond the pages of his favorite books. He currently leads the Minecraft Club at BASIS Independent Brooklyn, and will be extending it to BASIS Independent Summer, where he's also leading an exciting new offering, Environmental Awareness.


Mr. D'Amato's Minecraft Club is the most popular BASIS Independent Brooklyn extracurricular – so we’re adding it to our summer program! Even if your student is new to the world of Minecraft or a seasoned pro, this is a great opportunity for them to flex their cybernetic imaginations as they create and maintain sustainability in a virtual world. Students can get their hands dirty by mining soil, harvesting goods into various tools and building elaborate structures. Gameplay involves both solo and team-oriented objectives using MinecraftEdu.

Environmental Awareness

Although this program is new to BASIS Independent Brooklyn, it's not for Mr. D'Amato. His passion for the environment and self-awareness is evident in his everyday life, making him the perfect person to guide students through this week-long series of engaging and healthy culinary and yoga workshops. This is a unique opportunity to instill in students the importance of a healthy life, including:

  • Balanced diet
  • Proper nutrition
  • Mind and soulfulness
  • Organization and planning
  • Relaxation
  • Self-awareness
  • Much, much more

Mr. D’Amato aims to inculcate these awareness techniques so that students may carry these important principles with them far beyond their summer.

To see Mr. D'Amato in action this summer, check out all the details about BASIS Independent Summer on our website

More About Mr. D’Amato
Steve gained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a double major in English Literature and Creative Writing. He then moved to New York City to attend Brooklyn College and complete his Master of Arts degree in English Literature with a focus in the early modern period. During his course of study, he was heavily mystified by the topic of medieval and Renaissance alchemy. His thesis investigated the strange history and deep symbolism of this proto-science, exposing its presence in major literary works by Geoffrey Chaucer, John Milton, and Ben Jonson. Also, while at Brooklyn College Steve helped establish the school’s first Graduate English Conference, which drew scholastic participants from all over the country.

When not in the classroom, Steve minds his backyard vegetable garden in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Before long he is inevitably toiling over his latest culinary creation in the kitchen with his wife, Maegan, his dog, Charlie, and his three cats, Basil, Thyme, and Sage. He is a lover of music too, especially vinyl records, and has been an active dance and hip-hop DJ for over ten years. Steve and his wife were joined in marriage by their best friend at the Bonnaroo Music Festival just a few years ago.

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