With all of our Bobcats distance learning from the comfort of their homes, we have been looking for ways to reproduce that feeling of community that is inescapable when on our campus. With just this in mind, Mr. Meyerowitz, one of our Master Teachers who teaches English and History, was looking for a way to keep his learners connected when he requested the following assignment. He asked students to photograph their work spaces, and then share them with the rest of the class to help foster a sense of classroom community.

He explained, "Each student identified the most significant features of their workspace as though annotating a poem; while some students were extremely objective in their characterizations of the elements of their workspace, others were more abstract or provided greater commentary. The finished product, which I shared with my class, is a view of the classroom from their perspective."

Laura S. Grade 12Laura S., class class of 2021

Serrina Z Grade 12

Serrina Z., class of 2021


Anton P Grade 10

Anton P, class of 2023


Avery H Grade 10

Avery H., class of 2023


Daniel K Grade 10

Daniel K., class of 2023


Natasha L Grade 10

Natasha L., class of 2023


Neetika M Grade 10

Neetika M., class of 2023


Pranav S Grade 10

Pranav S., class of 2023


Vishak S Grade 10

Vishak S., class of 2023

Personalities shine through, and each desk is set up in a way that helps the respective student owner focus on this unprecedented school year. No matter where they are, our Bobcats are still thoughtfully engaged, which we think is great to see. 

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