Clubs and athletics are an important aspect of a student’s experience at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley.  We rely on direct student input to guide the extracurricular offerings that the school provides - first by surveying their interests, and later by encouraging them to develop programs where they see a need. 

We believe that participation in these activities helps our students build friendships and cultivate team building and leadership skills, promote overall health, and explore their individual interests and potential. 
Check out some of our fun extracurricular offerings:


Our Speech & Debate Club is led by Ms. Titus and Mr. Shamskhou. Speech students are engaging in

  • Duo Interpretations
  • Humor Interpretations
  • Platform Speech
  • Limited Preparation

Debate students are practicing two types of debates: Lincoln-Douglas and Team Policy. 

“A couple of my friends from my classes suggested that I join the Speech & Debate Club -- I’m glad I did! My goal with the Speech & Debate Club is to compete in tournaments, to better the world and to be up-to-date about current news.” - Gandhar, Grade 8.  




Dr. Ghafooripour guides a number of students in our Robotics Club. The club is designed to:

  • Inspire creative
  • Evoke critical thinking
  • Spark innovation

Club participants just received First LEGO League (FLL) MindStorm Educational Kits. The kits provide students with the basic materials and fundamentals to make robots. 

“I joined the Robotics Club because I enjoy and am very interested in robotics and technology. Through the Robotics Club, I hope to learn basic robotic and engineering skills. My team and I plan on building a robot to compete with at FTC.” - Ananth, Grade 10. 


We had quite a bit of interest in basketball across all grade levels.  

“I’ve been playing basketball for about six years now. I play a couple of different positions: power forward, center, and small forward. I’m really excited to start playing against other schools. Our goal as a team is to have fun and to win!” - Satvik, Grade 9. 



Pops Choir, led by Ms. Washington and Mr. Barbarino, was formed by a group of students who share an interest and passion in singing modern pop songs; they are currently practicing songs including “Titanium” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” Anyone who likes to belt out some tunes is encouraged to join the club.  
“I love to sing! It’s great to be a part of a group that enjoys doing what I love to do. I have a couple of years of experience singing. My favorite song that we are practicing right now is 'Titanium'.” - Lindsay, Grade 7.

To see a full list of current clubs and athletics offered at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, please visit our Clubs and Athletics page.

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