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October 30, 2020

The November Event to Remember is Here: Our Fall Open House!

When students and Subject Expert Teachers engage in a spiraling liberal arts and sciences curriculum benchmarked to the best education systems in the world, they excel. One of our recent graduates says it best.

“I love the BASIS Curriculum because it challenges how far a student can go academically but also instills in them qualities of determination, resilience, and exploration. Most importantly, the program instills in students the ability to ask for help and support their peers.” – BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Graduate

Join us at our Virtual Fall Open House on Saturday, November 7! Attending an Open House is the best way for prospective families to discover our middle and high school Subject Expert Teachers, classroom difference, learn about our advanced liberal arts and sciences curriculum, tour our campus virtually, and meet current Bobcat Students!

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September 29, 2020

Over Half of the Class of 2021 Recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program

We are proud to announce that 11 of our students have earned places as Semifinalists in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program. Roughly 16,000 students across the nation have qualified as Semifinalists, and we are thrilled to have continued representation on our campus. 57% of our senior class was recognized this year including National Merit Semifinalists and Commended Students.  

Head of School Ms. Sara Kolb was thrilled to receive this news, "One of the things I love best about this school is that it is full of students who genuinely love to learn. At BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, smart is cool, which is further proven by the fact that more than half of our senior class has been recognized as either a National Merit Semifinalist or Commended Student this year.  I couldn't be more proud of these students and cannot wait to see what their futures bring as they embark into the world as Bobcat alumni next year."

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August 1, 2020

Your Fall 2021 Admissions Guide: Applying for Grades 5-9

We are excited to launch Fall 2021 admissions for grades 5-9!

Admissions is now open and you may click here to submit your application for either our Early or Regular Admissions cycles.

At BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, students and subject expert teachers engage in a spiraling liberal arts and sciences curriculum benchmarked to the best education systems in the world. We believe in setting a higher standard for students and promoting self-reliance and accountability in an environment where learning is encouraged and celebrated.

Outside of the classroom, students explore their interests in nearly 60 club, athletic, and competitive offerings. 

Early and Regular Admissions
This year, we have two admissions cycles: Early and Regular Admissions. Early Admissions is only open for Grades 5-7 while Regular Admissions is for grades 5-9.

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July 11, 2020

2020 Senior Project and Senior Research Project Showcase

In their final trimester as BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students, after seniors have emerged from a deep dive into university-level, content-heavy capstone courses and completed the demanding college application process, they participate in their Senior Project—a high-level research project centered around a question or topic of their choosing. Some of our students are already a year in to the two year commitment that is the Senior Research Project. 

What are Senior Projects and Senior Research Projects?
There are two different ways that seniors may participate in research. The Senior Project is the culmination of the BASIS Curriculum, and the final challenge our seniors face at the end of their academic journeys—the crown jewel of their high school experience and culmination of everything they have learned throughout their time at BASIS Independent Schools. Senior Projects started with the BASIS Curriculum Schools' network very first senior class, in the spring of 2005. This program, at its core, is an entirely student-led (though professionally supervised) independent research project. The Senior Research Project is two years in the making. Students take AP Seminar as juniors, and then tackle AP Research as seniors. They have an additional layer of oversight in their projects as they must submit their findings to the College Board for a score.

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March 29, 2020

The Biotech Elective: A BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Favorite

Murthy, Anu-1Dr. Murthy is a Biology Subject Expert Teacher and a Teacher Mentor at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. She is a founding faculty member, and teaches some of the most beloved Biology courses for our upper school Bobcats. Read on as she shares about one of the electives she teaches on campus.


It is finally Period 8, and students eagerly come into the classroom. They put gloves on their hands, get out the micropipettes from the cabinets, and do a final check of their protocols. They pulverize the chips they selected from the school vending machine (or their favorite snacks from home) with a mortar and pestle. Their next step is to isolate DNA, and set up a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to amplify a 125 base pair nucleotide sequence from a cauliflower mosaic virus promoter (CaMV35S) typically used in most genetically modified plant products (GMOs). It is not enough for our Biotech students to read that most of the corn and soy flour that finds its way into their snacks is genetically modified; they want to use data to determine if that is the case.

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December 3, 2019

Growth Mindset and the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Student

Wendel, Julia BlogMs. Wendel is a Math and Psychology Subject Expert Teacher, and a Master Teacher. She is a part of the fabric of our school, having been here since we opened. Ms. Wendel is a trusted advisor of our math sequence programmatics and curriculum.

In the beginning of the school year, I always give my Psychology students an assignment that asks them a couple of questions about themselves so that I can get to know them better. One of the questions is ‘Where do you see yourself in five, ten, and fifteen years?’ In my mind, I was thinking I would get back answers of doctor and lawyer, and, since we are in Silicon Valley, numerous software engineering positions. However, what the majority of my students submitted was surprising: Venture Capitalist. Even more intriguing is that it is not just a distant dream as you might expect—but they actually have a concrete plan on how to get there.

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October 22, 2019

Art Spotlight: A Canvas of Exploration and Creativity

Walk down any of our campus hallways and you will experience wonderful views of student artwork, rich in creativity and passion. This fall, students across all grade levels have brought their exploration of the arts to life, with support and guidance from our two Subject Expert Art Teachers, Dr. Charuhas and Ms. Jones.

We invite you take a virtual walk-through of just a sampling of some Bobcat creations.

Grade 5 Studio

Students in grade 5 began the year with inspiration from Aboriginal dot paintings to practice the use of color schemes. They used watercolor, acrylic paint, and q-tips to form their Australian animal of choice.

BISV Grade 5 Art-1

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