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August 13, 2018

Fall 2019 Admissions: What you need to know

We are excited to launch admissions for Fall 2019 for grade 5-10!

Admissions is now open and you may click here to submit your application for our Early or Regular Admissions cycle.

We are also thrilled to celebrate our five-year anniversary! Congratulations to all our faculty and staff, and families. We are so proud of our BASIS Independent Bobcat community and all that our students, teachers, and administrators have accomplished through their academic and extracurricular journeys.

We invite you to join our world-leading learning community. 

Early and Regular Admissions
This year, we have two admissions cycles: Early and Regular Admissions.
Early Admissions is only open for Grade 5-7 while Regular is for grades 5-10.

What's the difference between Early and Regular Admissions?
Early Admissions allows you to receive an admissions decision this fall versus next spring. If you apply in Early Admissions and your child(ren) is accepted, and you decide to enroll, your private school search is completed by December instead of March! In Regular Admissions, families are notified of an admissions decision in March, which aligns with decisions from other private schools.

Continue reading for more details. 

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