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January 30, 2015

Our Very Own 9th Grade Environmental Entrepreneur

Growing Up Green

What better place than Silicon Valley for a green movement with a big vision to take Pavan Raj Gowdaroot. 
BASIS Independent Silicon Valley 9th grader Pavan Raj Gowda has passionately pursued his vision of creating a healthier, greener planet. He’s committed to having the next generation make a substantive impact by raising awareness early on about environmental issues and inspiring young students to take the path of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley's STEM education in helping create a greener world.

Pavan launched Green Kids Now when he was just eight years old. When he was in 2nd grade, he wrote a story called The Two Lakes in order to show the consequences of our actions and how the entire community should join together and care for the environment. That was just his first book. He wrote (and published!) a second book, GeckoBoy: The Battle of Fracking, which even impressed

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