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November 6, 2019

Inquiry and Research: A BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Rite of Passage

Meyerowitz, BryanMr. Meyerowitz, a Subject Expert History Teacher and Master Teacher, is one of our resident experts on research methods. He was instrumental in bringing the AP Capstone course to campus in our second year. Mr. Meyerowitz has taught both AP Research and AP Seminar at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. He is also a National Board Certified Teacher.

Every spring, dozens of our seniors present authentic research that they have spent much of the year composing. These presentations, which have become a rite of passage for many BASIS Independent Silicon Valley graduates, are opportunities for our students to find their voices as scholars. Students work diligently with campus mentors and as interns and lab assistants off campus to pose a significant inquiry, to construct a hypothesis after engaging with extant scholarship, and to generate data and conclusions from a replicable method. While the finished product is thought provoking and may inspire future scholarship, it represents only the tip of an iceberg, a monument to their academic pursuits and training at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley.

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