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June 6, 2022

BASIS Independent Schools: The Class of 2022!

The college placement results for the Class of 2022 have arrived!

BASIS Independent Schools students continue to prove they are the future leaders of our generation. This year, graduates across our entire network of schools—from New York City and the Washington, D.C. Metro Area to California—achieved notable acceptances to some of the top colleges and universities not only in the U.S., but across the world.

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May 17, 2022

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 on their College Acceptances!

Congratulations to the class of 2022! This group of seniors was able to return to in-person learning for their final year of high school, which was such a poignant way to honor their academic efforts here at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley.  One of our College Counselors, Ms. McCollum shared, "Getting back on campus and working with this group of seniors has been nothing short of a joy. This is a group of students who has shown tremendous resiliency throughout their high school years, who care deeply about the world around them, and who will go on to do amazing things. Congratulations, Class of 2022, you deserve all the good that is coming to you!"

One of the most important aspects of our College Counseling curriculum is that it is centered around fit. Our Counselors spend a tremendous amount of time educating our students about all of the elements of the college experience that must be evaluated while submitting applications. Their amazing success is two-fold in terms of the schools to which they have been admitted to for fall 2022. Head of School Ms. Kolb explained, "While we continue to be proud of the notable colleges and universities on this list of acceptances, I am most proud that the class of 2022 has pursued colleges and universities that are the best fit for their goals and personalities. This is a class that knows who they are, is supportive of one another, and will surely continue to do great things once they leave BASIS Independent Silicon Valley."

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May 10, 2021

BASIS Independent Schools Network: 2021 College Acceptances

The college placement results for the Class of 2021 have arrived!

BASIS Independent Schools students continue to score impressive admission to some of the world’s best colleges and universities. From the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and New York City to California, students across the BASIS Independent Schools network have proven that even in the face of adversity and adaptation, hard work and commitment can reap incredible results. 

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May 7, 2021

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 on their College Acceptances!

Congratulations to the class of 2021! This group of Bobcats spent their senior year learning remotely, which was certainly not what any of them expected. These bright and tenacious students took it all in stride and chose to look to the future.

"Even under normal circumstances, applying to college is stressful, to say the least. Add in a global pandemic, changes in standardized testing and other college requirements, and you get a senior year unlike any other. You never would have known anything different looking at this year's seniors," said Mr. Green, one of our College Guidance Coordinators. "They were quick to laugh and crack jokes, and overall maintained an unfailingly positive attitude; despite countless unique stressors that had never been present in the college application process before. This group of students were truly a joy to work with. I respect the positive attitude they displayed on a daily basis, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them."

We are excited to share our current list of college acceptances for the class of 2021. Head of School Ms. Kolb, shared, "I am so proud of this group of individuals. Our list of college acceptances is always impressive; but the positivity and determination shown by the class of 2021 was especially inspiring. Watching how they managed this challenging year gives me all the confidence in the world about the success they will see in the future."

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May 1, 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on their College Acceptances!

What a year for the class of 2020! While a lot of things have been atypical regarding many aspects of education over the past few months, one thing is certain regarding our Bobcats--and it is that they have bright, exciting futures ahead of them. “This group of students is especially collaborative and resilient. We watched them form a community in which every single member of the senior class was included. I especially enjoyed watching them set an example for the rest of the student body, and I wish them the best of luck as they move on to the next step on their respective journeys,” said Ms. Batrachenko, one of our College Guidance Coordinators.

We are so excited to share our current list of college acceptances for the intrepid class of 2020. Additional acceptances will continue to trickle in, however this is certainly a list worth sharing now. Please join us in joyful congratulations for our seniors. Their hard work, intellectual curiosity, kindness, spirit, and ideas will carry them forward and we look to their contributions. We are Bobcat proud!

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May 22, 2019

Words of Wisdom From A Class of 2019 Graduate

The college admissions process is something you’ve never experienced before—no matter who you are, or what you’ve done. As a senior who is graduating in a week, I just wanted to share some advice with current students and their parents—many of who are probably imagining what this day is going to be like for them, a day when classes are over and the most stressful thing is figuring out how to log onto your college portal.

There’s a few things that I think worked well for me during the college application process. In terms of finalizing my college list, my parents and I prioritized college visits before the beginning of senior year. I dedicated two weeks of my summer to visiting colleges, and I think attending tours and information sessions were the most important factor in deciding what schools I applied to, and what schools were a good “fit” for me.

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April 17, 2019

Class of 2019 College Acceptances

The end of the school year is nearly upon us and we can hardly believe it! After a rigorous senior year that has pushed our seniors to accomplish more than they thought possible, our soon-to-be graduates are ready to embark on the next exciting chapter of their lives. 

“I am delighted for all of the students in the senior class," said Head of School Mr. Walker. "Their hard work and experience at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley will absolutely mean that they are well prepared for the road ahead." 

College Guidance Coordinator Ms. McCollum added, "The college counseling department is so proud of all our seniors' hard work this year. We have no doubt they will continue to do amazing things in the coming four years and beyond." 

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May 21, 2018

Class of 2018 College Acceptances

A round of applause for the class of 2018, please! Our soon-to-be graduates have completed their final year at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, and we could not be more honored to have had the opportunity to guide them to this pivotal point in their lives.

Not only have these students conquered a rigorous senior year filled with capstone courses, which required a deep dive into high-level content, many of our seniors participated in Senior Projects or AP Research Projects. Throughout it all, they worked hard to find and apply to colleges that they believe will be the best fit for their skills and interests. As a result of their extraordinary efforts—not just this year, but through their entire academic journeys—our class of 2018 has gained entry to some of the oldest and most selective universities: California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and Stanford University, just to name a few.

Read on for the complete list, and please help us congratulate our 2018 Bobcats!

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May 10, 2017

Class of 2017 Senior Projects: Krithi R.


It is hard to believe that in just a few days, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Class of 2017 seniors will present to their larger community the product (and process) of their Senior Projects.

2017 marks a very special milestone for BASIS Independent Silicon Valley - and BASIS Independent Schools at large. It is the first year students have participated in Senior Projects! We are delighted to bring to you snapshots of our students' perspectives on their participation.

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April 14, 2017

Class of 2017 College Acceptances

We've finished our tallying and are delighted to share the impressive acceptances of our Class of 2017 BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Bobcats! 100% of this year's 20 graduates - our second graduating class ever at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley - were offered admission to a list of outstanding colleges and universities, from Stanford to Georgetown and more. 

Review the list of acceptances, below. 

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