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May 6, 2020

Science Competitions in the Time of Distance Learning

It is no secret that Bobcats love science.  Our amazing students regularly participate in science competitions at the local, regional and national level.  Obviously, things are a bit different now and institutions of learning are taking many activities online to adhere to California's Shelter-in-Place order.

We have received amazing news about how our Bobcats have fared at these virtual competitions.  Recently, The Synopsys Science Fair and the BioEHS Bioengineering Competition were both held remotely.

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April 28, 2020

BISV Investment Club Wins First and Second Place in State of California

Congratulations to the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Investment Club on first and second place wins in the Stock Market Game. This is the third year in a row BASIS Independent Silicon Valley has placed first in the state of California. 

Out of approximately 4,000 California competitors, Madhav R. placed first, turning that $100,000 into $250,000 for a 150% return. Jason C. placed second investing $214,000 for a 114% return. In the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s Stock Market Game, students invest $100,000 of virtual money in real stocks, competing for the highest return. This year’s game ran from September 9, 2019 to April 17, 2020. 

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January 9, 2020

What Are Our Middle School Students Doing Outside the Classroom?

Being a BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Bobcat means actively participating in a vibrant learning community, enjoying endless opportunities to connect studies with the real world, discovering new talents and skills, and building lasting bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

For our Middle School students, all of these are achievable through our Enrichment Programs, Sports & Athletics, and Term Project Trips. 

For the 2019 - 20 school year, we have 55 different offerings between after-school clubs and athletics. Over 80% of our students participate in these activities. 

Below is just a highlight of some of the things we offer to our Middle School Community. 

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November 15, 2019

Fall Drama Production: Puffs!

This past weekend, the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Drama Club treated our Bobcat community to quite the event. Puffs (Two Act for Young Wizards) by Matt Cox, proved to be fun and hilarious, with shining performances from all. The majority of shows sold out in this limited five performance run, and the audience was full of parents, teachers and staff, and fellow students.

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October 29, 2019

Community Traditions: The Middle School Fall Carnival

A school tradition we look forward to is our Middle School Fall Carnival! This carnival is for our students in grades 5-8. We also host a separate Fall Festival for our high school students.

The carnival was held last Friday after school and was an action-packed afternoon. Students enjoyed carnival games, an inflatable obstacle course, food trucks, and the ever popular doughnut eating contest.

It was great to see all of our Bobcats, students and staff alike, celebrate and enjoy the carnival festivities together as a community. Please enjoy a few photos of the event below. 

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August 27, 2019

Community Traditions: The Fall 2019 Enrichment Faire | Clubs and Athletics

A favorite Bobcat annual tradition: The Fall Enrichment Faire

On the court, the stage, and at the podium, our Bobcats participate in a variety of clubs, athletics and competitions.

The Enrichment Faire is the kickoff for the year and our Bobcat community turned out, last Friday, with great excitement to preview the variety of clubs and athletics offered for the 2019-20 school year. The gymnasium was a packed house as students met with club and athletic team leaders, and joined their classmates to learn more about each activity prior to registering for an enrichment activity.

This annual and exciting tradition showcased returning clubs such as Speech and Debate, National Honor Society, and Drama Club, with new clubs as well. The Athletics stations also saw a big turnout as students met with coaches to discuss Middle School and High School Volleyball and Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing and more.

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November 19, 2018

Fall Theatrical Spectacular: TURANDOT

Congratulations to the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Drama Club and Performing Arts Subject Expert Teacher, Mrs. Sweet, for bringing Turandot to life this fall! This tragicomic, or Commedia dell'arte, play written by Carlo Gozzi even inspired Giacomo Puccini’s most famous opera of the same name. Students, along with faculty and staff, sparked the stage in this three act performance.

Family drama, secret identities and many laughs-what more could you want from live theatre?

Take a peek at the performance below!

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November 20, 2017

The Bobcats take on the Tournament of Champions in Speech and Debate

The Speech and Debate students at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley made their school and The 

Golden State Academy proud this year with their strong performances at the John Schamber Invitational, a respected and recognized competition at the University of the Pacific, which has been taking place for over twenty years.

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November 29, 2014

BASIS Independent Clubs and Athletics: From Model United Nations to Volleyball

Clubs and athletics are an important aspect of a student’s experience at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley.  We rely on direct student input to guide the extracurricular offerings that the school provides - first by surveying their interests, and later by encouraging them to develop programs where they see a need. 

We believe that participation in these activities helps our students build friendships and cultivate team building and leadership skills, promote overall health, and explore their individual interests and potential. 
Check out some of our fun extracurricular offerings:

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