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August 4, 2016

2016 Summer Program Highlights: Create and Innovate + Minecraft Challenge

Now that this year's summer program has come to a close, we reflect proudly on our diverse offerings and student successes. One unique aspect of BASIS Independent Summer is that student interest is surveyed to help determine course offerings, which allows for an exciting selection from which to choose. This year was no exception - from CSI Forensics and 3D Printing to Volleyball and Chess - we had something for everyone. Below are a few highlights from two of our most popular courses: Minecraft Challenge and Create and Innovate

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May 23, 2016

2016 Summer Programs

smiling-blonde-girl-in-class.jpgImagine summer courses your kids love, where they find themselves engrossed in projects and activities that make them laugh, think, and express themselves with complete freedom. Those are the kinds of courses BASIS Independent Silicon Valley is offering this year as part of our Summer Program. We are excited to invite you to view, register, and join our summer programs at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Summer Programs 2016!

We are proud to offer many diverse and unique programs showcasing the many interests our student body has expressed in previous surveys. BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Summer Programs are led by either our respected faculty members or one of our trusted partners.

Create your own BASIS Independent Summer experience - choose any individual week for each program, or try them all! Below are just a few descriptions of our summer programs, please view our website to learn about all our programs!


Algebra I/Geometry

Algebra 1/Geometry covers all of the traditional first-year algebra topics while helping students build higher-order thinking skills, real-world application skills, reasoning, and an understanding of interconnecting math strands. The class focuses on multiple representations of algebraic thinking: verbal, numerical, symbolic, and graphical. Topics covered include: algebra foundations; basic geometric concepts; functions and relations; linear equations; polynomials; rational expressions and functions; inequalities; systems of equations and inequalities; radical expressions and functions; quadratic equations; absolute-value equations and inequalities; and probability and data analysis. Real- world applications and continual practice/review are fundamental parts of the class and are important for mastery of the material. Students will have short breaks and lunchtime (lunch is not included). A TI-83/84 calculator required.

Prerequisites: Completion of Pre-Algebra or its equivalent. Note: Class will not be in session July 4-5.

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March 6, 2015

BASIS Independent Summer Announces Principal for 2015 Program

summerBASIS Independent Summer proudly welcomes Victoria Rodrigue as Principal for the 2015 Silicon Valley summer program. Victoria is currently the Dean of Students for grades 6 - 8 during the academic school year and is thrilled at the opportunity to infuse her passion into our summer program. “Summertime is the perfect opportunity for students to explore new disciplines or expand their knowledge of familiar concepts and I could not be more excited to spend my summer with your children in this important pursuit,” she says.

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