BASIS Independent Silicon Valley is excited to announce our new motto! Our homerooms were tasked with offering up potential suggestions, and after extensive deliberation of all of our students' artistic and creative recommendations, a winner has been declared:

Educatio Scientia Victoria (Education Knowledge Success)

It is worth mentioning that we did not ask our students to come up with a motto in any specific language, but this nod to Latin shows how much the Middle School Latin courses help shape critical thinking skills in language acquisition and beyond.

Mr. Small's homeroom is the class who proposed our new motto, and we couldn't be happier with their contribution. Educatio Scientia Victoria resonates with our way of life at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, and we are excited to further connect these principles to student culture on campus. 

We make it a point to showcase our students' ideas in all aspects of the  school, and this is no exception: who better to inspire campus culture than the very students who comprise our wonderful and creative population?

AP Euro Homeroom.jpeg

There is no finer time to cement our position as a school that is focused on seeking and fostering knowledge, the educational success of its students, and to live Educatio Scientia Victoria.