by Dr. Ashley Leyba

Currently, there are 27 BASIS.ed-managed schools MQ2A7876.jpgaround the world, serving over 17,000 students.  It would be difficult to find a higher performing network of schools. BASIS.ed schools are consistently ranked among the best in the United States, outperform every other school district in the world on the OECD’s PISA test for schools, and send graduates on to the best colleges and universities in the world. There is a fair amount of pride that comes along with being able to claim part of this success, but what does it mean to be part of this network?  How does belonging to the BASIS.ed network impact our teachers and students?

For teachers, the value of belonging to the BASIS.ed network becomes apparent quite quickly.  Before new teachers even begin their first day of teaching, they attend the BASIS.ed Teacher Institute, a weeklong series of workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities that prepare them for their first year at BASIS Independent. During the Institute, teachers meet with veteran BASIS.ed teachers to discuss curriculum and best practices. At week’s end, teachers come away with a better understanding of the BASIS.ed philosophy, and have MQ2A7562.jpgmade connections with fellow teachers that will prove useful throughout the school year.

In-network professional development does not, however, begin and end with the Teacher Institute. Throughout the year, all BASIS.ed teachers are provided regular opportunities to collaborate with and learn from their counterparts at other schools. From webinars about implementing math curriculum to summits on co-teaching in the primary classroom, BASIS.ed teachers are encouraged to learn from (and teach!) their colleagues.

Being part of a large network of schools is equally valuable for our students.  In an age where it is important to teach students to think globally and MQ2A5991.jpgbeyond the local, having 17,000 classmates with whom to connect and collaborate is incredibly useful. Our students at BASIS Independent Fremont have established “digital pen pals” with students at our schools in McLean, Brooklyn, and Shenzhen. Through this pen pal project, the students have learned what it is like to be a BASIS Independent student in other parts of the world.  During term project week, students from across the schools have traveled with each other to explore new places. Last year, for example, students from BASIS Peoria teamed up with students from BASIS Independent Silicon Valley to travel to China. 

As our network of schools continues to grow and expand, we look forward to finding new ways to collaborate and benefit from the experience of our colleagues at sister schools.  If you’d like to learn more about our schools in the Bay area, join us for an informational session. Register today!

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