We are incredibly proud to announce that Wilson W., Class of 2020, earned a perfect score in last year’s AP Computer Science A exam!

 "The AP Computer Science A course is an introductory course in computer science. The major theme of the course is problem solving. The goals of the course are comparable to those in the introductory course for computer science majors offered in many college and university computer science departments. AP Computer Science A is not something you can memorize - it is challenging.

When I think of Wilson as a student the phrase that comes to my mind is brilliant, but humble. There is more than one way to solve problems in Computer Science and he explores all of them. Simply put, his solutions are elegant. Writing a big program is great, but writing a small, effective, and elegant program is more impressive and this is exactly Wilson's style.

He is a student I would be proud to copy and paste. Congratulations Wilson!" 
- Ms. Bhattacharya, Wilson's AP Computer Science A Instructor


wilson pic (2)


We had the opportunity to sit down with Wilson to discuss his achievement. 

 Firstly, how does it feel to have achieved something so fantastic?!

"It's pretty cool. It makes me feel like I really understood the material and I fully understood the topics to earn every possible point on the exam." 

What previous Computer Science experience did you have?

"I knew how to write basic programs in C++ but I didn't really understand object oriented programming, which is a big part of AP Computer Science A."

What inspired you to take this class? 

"I'm interested in Computer Science and the skills you learn in CS are helpful outside of just that class. Once you learn one language you can easily learn others. I also wanted to learn how different classes of Java relate to each other. I didn't really understand how it all worked together but once I saw how each class works with each other in a combined effect it was easier to understand. How it was stored and managed was extremely smart and through that I learned organization and even functionality in that class." 

Have you been able to take any skills learned from this AP class into your classes this year?

"Actually, yeah. In AP Physics C I am able to use skills I learned last year, lots of problem solving, and visualizing problems, which to me is the first step to conceptualizing problems. It's more important to be able to see a problem in your mind or to have some intuition regarding it because memorization or even just knowing the definition of some vocabulary words alone won't help you solve the problem. It's more critical than that." 

Next year, as a Senior, you will get to participate in the Senior Project - any ideas? 

"I'm starting to think about it. One area I am considering is traffic engineering. Looking at model traffic in different areas with different Computer Science options. It seems like an interesting job and the more I read about it the more I'm interested in it. It's a little math and a little Computer Science put together. I like the interdisciplinary aspect of it."

Once again, congratulations Wilson!

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