Our Bobcats are have been especially busy this fall! Not only are they involved with activities on our campus, but can often be found participating in exciting events off campus as well. Math has been a popular topic lately, with both middle school and high school students winning impressive accolades.

A group of our grade seven middle school students have participated in several mathleague.org contests in October and November. 

  • October 13th at Harvest Park Middle School
    • Individual Awards: 2nd Place-Catherine L., 10th Place-David Lee 
    • Team Award: A group of our grade 7 Bobcats took 3rd Place overall. These students include Catherine L., David L., Larry X., and Jamin X.  
  • November 10th at Valley Christian School
    • Individual Awards: 1st Place-Catherine L., 2nd Place-Larry X., and 10th Place-David L.
    • Team Award: we had two groups of students place in both 2nd and 5th! The 2nd place team included Catherine L., Derrick L., Evan W., and David L. The 5th place team included Larry X., Jamin X., Henry Y., and Kyle L. 

 Nov 10 BISV team 1 (002)-1

Valley Christian Meet 2nd place winners

A group of our middle school students took part in the Berkeley mini Math Tournament (BmMT), which is one of the largest national math competitions for middle school students. Our students formed several teams, with Team Jaguar, taking 3rd place! Congratulations to Catherine L, David L., Jamin X., Kyle L., and Larry X., all class of 2024.


  • 2018 BmMT BISV Jaguar Team

 Team Jaguar with their trophy 

A team of our upper school students participated in the November Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT), and placed 5th out of 150 national and international teams, which included over 1,000 students!  This contest is one of the most prestigious in the world, and attracts contestants from across the globe.

Our Bobcats did an amazing job! The team was made up of Chet B. (class of 2019), William P. (class of 2020), Sanjana D. (class of 2021), Siddharth S. (class of 2021), Adam T. (class of 2022), and Albert T (class of 2022).


 Our 5th place winners at the HMMT

Be on the lookout for more updates on our Bobcats in the coming months!

Congratulations to all who participated!