Our Bobcats are busy! Not only are they involved with activities on our campus, but are often also participating in exciting events off campus as well. Here is a snap shot of some of the achievements our students earned over the summer and since the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year:


  • Agnes W. (class of 2023) participated in the World City Cup Competition 2018 (Abacus, Mental Arithmetic and Mathematics) in Hong Kong and won the Gold Prize in the 12 year old age group.


  • Alex S. (class of 2019) spent the summer competing in underwater photography competitions. He first entered the 17th Annual Digital Shootout in Roatan, Honduras where he won 1st prize in Video, and also the Best in Show Jim Watt Award. He capped off the summer by entering the Monterey Shootout & Monterey Underwater Film Festival, and winning 1st Prize in the Snapshot Macro Video category, and then 2nd Prize in the Video Montage Category.



Alex's Best in Show Jim Watt Award Winning Video 

 Alex's 2nd Place Montage Video


  • A group of Bobcats worked together for the second summer in a row to raise funds for school supplies for two schools in the Alum Rock School District. For a refresher, catch up on the blog we published last year about these generous students. This summer, everyone gathered again to run a text book exchange, where all sales went towards buying supplies for Matheson Middle School and Cesar Chavez Elementary whose supply budgets were slashed by thousands of dollars this year. Our group raised just about $1500 to purchase necessities like copy paper,  pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies. A round of applause for our fundraising Bobcats: Advit D. (class of 2021), Amy H. (class of 2020), Chloe H. (class of 2025), Maggie H. (class of 2019), Ryan H. (class of 2023),   Dhruv K. (class of 2021), Ethan L. (class of 2024), Kenny L. (class of 2023), Anya R. (class of 2021),  Alex S. (class of 2019), Griffin T. (class of 2019), Caleb W. (class of 2019),  Dennis W. (class of 2019), Katie W. (class of 2021),  Ellie Y. (class of 2025), Grace Y. (class of 2023),  Krystal Y. (class of 2019),  Alan Z. (class of 2024), Jennifer Z. (class of 2019), Serena Z. (class of 2023), and Stephen Z. (class of 2019).


  • Shikha H. (class of 2019) participated at the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival in September.

Shikha H


 She accomplished her goal of raising money for breast cancer research by         selling $325 worth of her beautiful art pieces. The company that her parents   work at matches her sales, so she is able to donate $650 total. She plans to   donate to organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Please read   about the festival hereShika Art 1

  •  Dhruv S. (class of 2026) has won his third straight Orange Level 1 Under-10 USTA tennis tournament this month. His record is now 9-0 in the USTA Youth Progression.