BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Students have been hard at work at some local science competitions over the last month!

2017 Synopsys Championship

10 of the 20 BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students who showed at the Synopsis Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship have made it to the prestigious Winners List, and have the pleasure of attending the invitation only 2017 Synopsys Championship Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 9th! We can't wait to find out how our students do, stay tuned for updates.

Please take a look here to see the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students who will be recieving awards this Sunday.

2017 Science Olympiad Northern California State Competition

The BASIS Independent Silicon Valley's Science Olympiad team started on campus last year and has seen good success as they have competed together thus far. This year specifically, they placed third at the Regional Competition on March 18th and were invited to the State Competition that took place on April 1st. As our team is new to the Science Olympiad scene, this year was the first time we  participated at the State level. Out of 27 teams, some with an incredibly rich Science Olympiad participation history and legacy of triumph at state and national competetions, we placed 8th. Our coaches see huge potential in the BISV team and project that with another year of dedicated practice, we could place in one of the top three spots at the Northern California State event in the 2018 competition. 

In terms of individual events, our students did really well:

1st Place: Food Science (Albert, Andrew )

2nd Place: Bottle Rocket (Bhaavya, Shivek)

4th Place: Wind Power (Migyang, William)

5th Place: Dynamic Planet (Albert, Serena)

In addition to recieving medals, we had 4 students place 6th - just one spot short of a medal. 15 places total were awarded to BISV students at State.


We are so proud of all of our students and their desire to achieve in a scientific platform!