Growing Up Green

What better place than Silicon Valley for a green movement with a big vision to take Pavan Raj Gowdaroot. 
BASIS Independent Silicon Valley 9th grader Pavan Raj Gowda has passionately pursued his vision of creating a healthier, greener planet. He’s committed to having the next generation make a substantive impact by raising awareness early on about environmental issues and inspiring young students to take the path of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley's STEM education in helping create a greener world.

Pavan launched Green Kids Now when he was just eight years old. When he was in 2nd grade, he wrote a story called The Two Lakes in order to show the consequences of our actions and how the entire community should join together and care for the environment. That was just his first book. He wrote (and published!) a second book, GeckoBoy: The Battle of Fracking, which even impressed

“The twelve-year-old author has written a truly amazing, interesting, and thought-provoking science fiction tale. He not only uses science in very creative and imaginative ways, but also brings to light a very complex topic in such a simple way. To add to the uniqueness of this book, the young author has also included science facts at the end, which will provide curious kids with more information.”

Gecko Boy: The Battle of Fracking

Today, Green Kids Now, Inc. is a nonprofit charity organization purposed to reach youth of all ages around the world to raise awareness on environmental issues, and encourages children to learn, innovate, take action, and share ideas and experiences. The organization is truly, "for kids, by kids", states Pavan, which means that all ideas for programs and services originate from children, and it is implemented in schools and local communities with emphasis on having students develop into green leaders. 

Green Mission: Building Global Awareness

Green Kids Now focuses on spreading their message in a variety of very impressive ways:

Pavan empowering his community.

Pavan believes that the right way to make a product is to think about environmental sustainability from the beginning of the innovation process, thus why he is focused on educating young students about the environment. He is focused on shifting the product development mindset so that environmental etiquette is the new norm for innovation.  “Environmental sustainability and innovation must work together,” Pavan says. 

Student Voice

We recently sat down with Pavan to ask about his earth-saving passion and discuss his plans for green domination.

Why did you start Green Kids?
“I got into the green initiative, because I realized that there was a desperate need for action. I just couldn’t stand back and wait for someone else to fix the issues. I wanted to be part of the solution. I was self-inspired by the need for action.”

Why does the Green Movement interest you?
“I am very concerned about the basic necessities such as clean air and water, clean and healthy food, and of course, a clean environment to thrive in. All living organisms on this planet have rights to these basic necessities, but we humans are being irresponsible about it. Not many people are even aware of their actions and consequences. The more I started learning about the issues, I realized the dire need to take action. That’s how I got into the green movement. We cannot keep going in the same path that our past generations have taken. We need to change our path, and we need to incorporate environmental sustainability into everything we do. Our planet is in a desperate state and we all need to take action now. Without this planet, we have nothing.”

What are three lessons for success you have learned as a young entrepreneur?

  • Adapt – Have flexibility for whatever challenges develop.
  • Perceiver - Never give up.
  • Work hard – Have unquestionable commitment and dedication.

What are you doing to turn BASIS Independent Silicon Valley greener?
“First, I will strive to turn our school into a Zero Waste School. We need to first handle our waste responsibly, only then we could move on and take on more responsibilities. Next, I plan to start the environmental club at BASIS Independent and implement all elements of my Green Star School Program. With this program I hope to make our campus a 5 Green Stars School and a leader in environmental sustainability.”

Any upcoming events that we should be aware of?
“Yes! I will be hosting the 5th annual, Green Kids Conference on June 13, 2015 at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View. I invite BASIS Independent students to register now to participate in the Jr. Scientist competition and in the Environmental arts exhibit. For more details and to register, please visit”


BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Pride

Congratulations to Pavan for paving the way to a greener future for generations to come. His enthusiasm, spirit and dedication is a force to be reckoned with. Everyone in the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley community is proud to call Pavan one of our very own.

Check out Pavan's book GeckoBoy: The Battle of Fracking over at!