Each year, our amazing National Arts Honor Society participates in the Memory Project. Each year, participants are connected with students abroad who are dealing with incredibly difficult situations in their home countries. Our Bobcats were paired with a group of children in Camaroon, and then created beautiful, handmade portraits that were presented to the students they represent.

Please see our Bobcat artists' portraits below; we couldn't be more proud of their dedication to art, and to the wonderful organization that is the Memory Project.

Amy Lui - Memory Project - CD 1991

Amy L., class of 2022, created this portrait


Anji Zhou MemoryProject

Anji Z., class of 2023, created this portrait



Xinyue Sun - Memory Project

Xinyue S., class of 2025, created this portrait


Yourui Shao - Memory Project

Yourui S., class of 2025, created this portrait


Each year, the Memory Project shares a wonderful video that details the delivery of the portraits. Creating this video was no small feat as our sponsor on the ground had to deal with shaky electrical infrastructure as they are in a conflict zone. She also had some personal struggles to deal with, as so many in the region have experienced. In light of that, we are so grateful to be able to share this heartwarming video with all of you, and hope that you enjoy it as much as we have.


HubSpot Video