We are very excited to add another fantastic Subject Expert Teacher to our team at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Lower School! Ms. Melanie Coyne will be joining our teaching faculty for the 2022-2023 school year as a Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher.

Ms. Coyne has a personal passion for health and physical education. She also has extensive experience in coaching, recruiting, and organizing sporting events.

Our Head of School, Ms. Brooklynn Titus, had a chance to meet with Ms. Coyne and is excited to help all our new families get to know her better!

Congratulations, on being a founding faculty member at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Lower School! How does it feel to join a new team for the new campus?

I’m extremely excited to join the BASIS Independent family. I’ve already had a few interactions with some staff members and they’ve been very welcoming.

I’ve also heard amazing things about BASIS Independent Students as well and I can’t wait to meet them and get to work!


Tell us a little bit about your background and why you chose to become a Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher?

Being active has always been an important part of my life. I played Division I collegiate softball at the University of Louisiana - Monroe (ULM).

Immediately after my playing career, I became the pitching coach for the ULM softball team; a position that I held for two years. Following my time at ULM, I transitioned out of coaching and into an administrative role within college athletics at McNeese State University, also in Louisiana. I was at McNeese for three years and most recently held the position of Assistant Athletic Director for Event Management where I coordinated and managed every aspect of competition for all 14 sports.

As a California native, I’m excited to return to my home state for the first time in eight years and begin my new role as a Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent! I always knew I would eventually transition out of college athletics to pursue my goal of being a teacher. My fiancé (soon to be husband in June! Yay!) and I are excited to relocate and pour into our new community!


You have a Master of Science in Exercise Science Sport Management. What is that exactly and how will you apply your knowledge and skills to your classes?

I chose to direct the furthering of my education towards Exercise Science, emphasizing Sport Management, because I loved the opportunity to pair my passion for athletics with my career. Within this degree program, there are courses in law, finance, statistics, ethics, sociology, and psychology that all relate to the world of athletics. The way the BASIS Curriculum integrates all subjects was the main reason I was attracted to the opportunity to teach at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. A career in athletics is made up of more than just coaching and playing and I'm excited to bring that education to my students. 


Any particular sport or sports that are your personal favorites that you are excited to introduce to our students?

I love the sport of football; however, I'm excited to highlight softball in my classroom. Softball is an up-and-coming female sport that is exciting to watch and fun to play. It's also a high-energy sport that promotes teamwork and incorporates various academic concepts, such as physics. I'm excited to bring a new perspective! 


We know P.E. is a great time to build up skills - both physical and social. What are some key skills you hope your students will learn in their time with you? 

I'm passionate about using physical education as a tool to develop not only a healthy relationship with movement but most importantly, self-efficacy. As an educator, my mission is to use the adversities associated with athletic competition to show students their capability to conquer obstacles.


P.E. is a time for fun, but also competition. How do you encourage students to have a healthy approach to competition?

I am a firm believer in encouraging a student's competitive nature. Sports provide an outlet for students to navigate their competitive nature, especially at a young age. A healthy approach to competition places the focus on the student's need to achieve their goal by themselves doing well and not by desiring their fellow classmates to fail. For students who aren't naturally competitive, I'm determined to find a motivational mechanism that fits their needs. 


Physical activity contributes to your overall health, not just physical health. How can physical activity in children help their social and emotional needs as well? 

I believe sometimes there is a misconception that you need to be athletic or love physical activity to reap all of its social and emotional benefits. Simply taking a break from the traditional classroom setting and being active can tremendously benefit a student's emotional and social needs. Physical activity has been known to reduce anxiety, increase mental alertness, and create a positive mood. Additionally, within a physical education class setting, students are often paired into different teams which teaches them to cooperate and builds leadership skills. 


Finally, what is your goal for each of your students?

I desire for all my students to enjoy physical education regardless of skill level, value themselves and their unique qualities, and fearlessly accept any challenge placed before them. Education as a whole inspires students to be artists, doctors, CEOs, or even the next President of the United States! My ultimate goal is to use physical education to instill greater self-confidence within my students along with the belief that they are capable of accomplishing every goal they set for themselves. 


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