Our fabulous Teacher Mentor team is currently working closely with new teachers, adteacher mentor group photo.jpgministration, and of course with our BISV students.

The Teacher Mentor Team: Ms. Abdelaziz, Ms. Abodouma, Dr. Davies, Mr. Meyerowitz, Dr. Murthy, Mr. Vermouth, Ms. Wendel, Ms. Zhao

We embrace life-long learning and professional development for teachers and staff. As such, we encourage them to take on new roles and responsibilities that are in alignment with their passions and career goals. This is why we created a new Faculty Mentor leadership track (Teacher >> Teacher Mentor >> Master Teacher).

"The best professional development for teachers is always happening in the classroom next door," said Toby Walker, Head of School. "Part of the role of a Teacher Mentor is to observe all other teachers, and to invite other teachers to observe them in the classroom. They also play a major role in hiring new faculty and in supporting administration with the onboarding of new team members."

Stay tuned to our blog! We’re rolling out our Teacher Mentor Blog Series this month. Every month we will feature an insightful article written by one of our Teacher Mentors. We will also be posting Q&A’s from each featured Teacher Mentor a week before their blog posting.

Our first Teacher Mentor article will be by Ms. Abodouma. Ms. Abodouma’s piece, “The World is Bigger Than a Classroom,” is a reflection about BASIS students and how the BASIS experience prepares students for life outside of the classroom.