Ms. Silva, our Business Subject Expert Teacher, assigned her Intro to Business students a very fun task recently. All of the students in her class created their very own food truck business. The Food Truck Project is designed to let students creatively consider the fundamentals of business. They applied marketing skills to design their truck and to develop their own differentiated theme. An important aspect of menu creation they had to consider was the cost/benefit for items as they set menu prices, and also consider what their customers would truly want to find on their food truck menu. Overall, students utilized marketing, finance, and strategy skills in this product development exercise. 

With everything virtual right now, Ms. Silva was especially excited for this specific assignment this year. She explained, "I hoped that the students would be able to get away from the screen for a bit and enjoy the arts-and-crafts aspect of this project. The sheer effort and creativity reflected in the finished products tell me that they did!"  

Once the project was completed, the students met during class to discuss and pitch their new food truck businesses to each other. Please enjoy some of our Bobcats' creations below!

Alex C Food Truck

Alex C. shows off his design


Saanchi K Food Truck

Saanchi K. shares her truck with the class


Anwen H. Food Truck

Anwen H. shares his new venture, Yumtruck


Rishi S

Rishi S. proudly displays his creation


Reagan B. Food Truck

Reagan B. shows off her design


Akshath M. Food Truck-1

Akshath M. shares his truck


Allizon Z. Food truck

Allison Z. working on a few last minute adjustments to her truck


Aanya D.

Aanya D's business model revolves around donuts (yes!)


Cindy W. Food Truck-1

Cindy W. with her creation


Nitin J. Food Truck

Nitin J. shares his truck, which definitely has the fanciest awnings of all of them


Aarush G Food Truck

Aarush G. shows off his shave ice truck, hopefully it's on the road by next summer!

What a cool assignment! Now, who's hungry??


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