The last week of school means Term Project Week at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley! Term Project Week is an opportunity for students in all grades to work with their peers on multidisciplinary projects and to engage in a fun, new activity or trip with various grade levels. Students are grouped with Term Project Teachers for each project.

These projects challenge our students to be cooperative learners and to function as a team. We offer a variety of options each year, and strive to add new projects each year based on both faculty and student interest.

Trips, both domestic and international, are offered every year. This year we had a group of our Bobcats journey to Hawaii! 

Hawaii 1


Day 1: Students were welcomed at the airport in traditional Hawaiian style! After picking up their bags, they hopped on their transportation bus and made their way to the Royal Kona Resort. First, they enjoyed a pizza buffet and then had a quick meeting with their Tour Leader to discuss the next day's activities. 


Hawaii 2

Hawaii 4


Day 2: Students began their morning with a hiking tour on the slopes of Hualalai to discover how tropical cloud forests benefit the ecosystem. This was an excellent opportunity to get up and close to ferns, palms, flowers, and hundreds of exotic and native species of birds. 

After lunch, students explored a few historical sites. Ahu'ena Heiau - once King Kamehameha's place of worship; Hulihe's Palace - used by royalty as a vacation home but is now a museum with ancient Hawaiian artifacts and Mokuaikaua Church - the site of the first Christian Church built in Hawaii.

For dinner, students and staff enjoyed a traditional Hawaiian Luau and authentic Polynesian show. 


Hawaii 5

Hawaii 7
Hawaii 8



Day 3: To start the day, students visited Punalu'u Black Sand Beach. While walking the back, student learned how the beach gets its black color from volcanic lava contacting the ocean, as the lava cools rapidly, it shatters into small basalt fragments. 

Next, our Bobcats departed for Volcanoes National Park. This massive park is home to one of the world's most active volcanoes. They observed how the landscape changed as they traveled through the park from the volcanic crater, to the desert, then rainforest.  

To end the evening, the group stopped by the Kilauea Visitor Center to learn about the park, tectonic plates, the Ring of Fire, and to get the latest updates on any volcanic action. On the way they also stopped by Rainbow Falls, a spectacular waterfall!


Hawaii 9

Hawaii 10

Hawaii 12


Day 4: This was an exciting day! After breakfast they boarded a catamaran at Keahou for a cruise and snorkel tour. Snorkeling in brilliant blue waters gave students and staff the opportunity to see vibrant coral, tropical fish, and other marine life. 

After a dip in the ocean, our Bobcats made their way to the Hawaiian Chocolate Factory. They visited a cocoa farm and factory to experience the process of chocolate production all the way from seed to bar. 

Next, Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Park - a place of refuge. Students had the opportunity to experience first hand Hawaiian history and culture. This park was a place of sanctuary for defeated warriors and law breakers. 

They may have thought their adventures were over, but after dinner they attended an astronomy workshop. Students viewed the galaxy during a hands on presentation with telescopes. This allowed them the chance to investigate the stars, planets, constellations, and beyond in the Hawaiian night sky. 


hawaii 15

hawaii 16

hawaii 17

Hawaii 24


Day 5: After a short flight to Honolulu, students and staff arrived at the Arizona Memorial Visitors Center. Our Bobcats were historians for the day, learning about the United States' entry to World War II and scarifies made on "The Day of Infamy" while visiting Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona. They were also able to walk on the surrender desk of the U.S.S. Missouri where General MacArthur signed the treaty to end World War II in the Tokyo Bay. 


Hawaii 19

Hawaii 18-1

Hawaii 23


Day 6: On the last day, students climbed 99 stairs to the top of Diamond Head. This 763 foot volcanic tuff cone summit boasts an exhilarating 360 degree panoramic view. It was the perfect way to end a beautiful trip in paradise!


Hawaii 20

Hawaii 21


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