The last week of school means Term Project Week at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley! Term Project Week is an opportunity for students in all grades to work with their peers on multidisciplinary projects and to engage in a fun, new activity or trip with various grade levels. Students are grouped with Term Project Teachers for each project.

These projects challenge our students to be cooperative learners and to function as a team. We offer a variety of options each year, and strive to add new projects each year based on both faculty and student interest.

Trips, both domestic and international, are offered every year and one of our most popular trips is to Catalina Island!

Forty 6th and 7th grade students, along with five teachers, journeyed together for our annual BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Catalina trip. This trip is a popular one. Every year our students and staff enjoy fun, challenging, and motivating experiences.

Our students did everything from night snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking, to ultimate frisbee and campfire skits. They were fed delicious, freshly prepared food and slept in tents! Our students braved it all and came home with wonderful stories and unforgettable memories.

Catalina 1


Day 1: They arrived in Catalina! Students had their first dip in the ocean, and then participated a night hike filled with fun group-bonding games.


Catalina 3

Catalina 4


Day 2: Students went snorkeling and hiked to a beach on a different part of the island. In the evening, students again went on a night hike.


Catalina 5

Catalina 6


Day 3: Students hiked and went kayaking. This turned out to be their favorite activity yet! Many students did kayak challenges. A few even required standing in the kayak and singing a song! In the evening, students had the option of doing an astronomy class, night games or night snorkeling. Each option was fantastic and the night snorkeling group even saw some octopi!


Catalina 8

Catalina 10

Catalina 15

Artwork by Angelina X., Class of 2025

Day 4: In the morning, student choose to either snorkel, play ultimate frisbee, or do an art workshop. In the afternoon, students had the option of participating in kayaking or hike/ beach games, and free water time. Then students went for a short hike, and we ended the day with campfire s’mores and skits about Emerald Bay.


Catalina 13

Catalina 14


Day 5: Our bravest members began the day by jumping in the cold water at 6:45 AM in the Polar Bear Jump Challenge! Then, it was time for Beach Olympics and a final farewell to our trip.


Catalina 12

Catalina 11


Over the course of our trip students had the chance to explore the Marine Center, learn about ocean wildlife, ocean preservation, and even touch various marine organisms in the touch tanks. The trip was amazing and filled with endless stories, games, fun, and surprises. 

See you next year! 


Catalina 7-1


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