BASIS.ed graduates consistently attend the world's most respected and prestigious higher learning institutions. So, how does BASIS.ed prepare students for the challenges of college life…and beyond? Our new content series, Alumni Angle, offers a glimpse of the BASIS.ed experience as seen through the eyes of our very own graduates.

Anne Justine Houser

BASIS Scottsdale Graduate Class of 2011
Wheaton College, Illinois
Double Major: Spanish, International Relations

In what way(s) do you think BASIS.ed best prepared you for your college studies and/or in your current career?

“As a result of being a BASIS student, I entered college with confidence that I could continue to be successful, even in advanced courses. Testing out of classes in college due to AP exam credit was also a welcomed, tangible result of my hard work.”

What are some of your favorite BASIS.ed student memories?

“When I think about BASIS, my mind fills with memories of the everyday conversations and interactions with BASIS teachers and intellectual lunchroom banter with the other students. Also, I was given the opportunity to study quite a variety of topics as a BASIS student and discovered a love of various subjects from art to mathematics. I most of all loved the fact that as a BASIS senior, I had the choice between graduating early and forming a senior research project. I decided to do a twofold project in Norway that included an internship with a dentist and a study of the culinary tradition in Norway. I designed, photographed, and wrote a cookbook as my final product for my culinary study. It’s in the works to be published!”

What are some of the extracurriculars that you enjoyed participating in while at BASIS.ed?

“My BASIS extracurriculars were National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, and the Leadership Program - which is a club at BASIS Scottsdale that planned fun events for the student body."

When you think of your BASIS.ed teachers ‐ what comes to mind?

"BASIS teachers care about their students and their students' learning. They tend to be hard-working people who love what they teach and love sharing that knowledge with students."

What are you most proud of and/or passionate about in your life?

“Traveling, dancing, culinary arts, world cuisines, language learning, meeting people and experiencing their cultures.”

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A very special thank you to Anne Justine Houser for her participation.