Lewis, DominickOver Fall Break, Coach Dominick hosted a Basketball Skills Training Camp on our campus. The camp ran for two days, with one session devoted to middle school Bobcats, and one session devoted to high schoolers. He was able to focus on individual student questions, and run through lots of different court scenarios during the workshop. 

This was the first year we hosted an event like this over a school break, and the Bobcats who participated had so much fun! Our students LOVE basketball, and while most of the camp's members were looking to learn more about the game they enjoy so much, some were prepping for the next week's basketball try-outs.


During the Skills Training Camp the key topics were ball handling, footwork, shooting, attacking the basket, basketball IQ and a big one: on court confidence. Coach Dominick focuses on having fun on the court, no matter your skill level, or outcome of the game. His philosophy is simple, and it's that all players are good players. "I love inspiring student athletes and helping them take their skills to the next level. I teach, and very much believe, that all players should never give up, or doubt themselves. Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard."

Coach feels strongly that it all begins to fall into place for players as long as they are having fun and enjoying the learning process. "I always teach my players that it is okay to fail or to make mistakes. Mistakes and failures help you prepare to make perfect, perfect. Every pro athlete has failed, every successful person has failed. Everybody has failed at something, but by going through this process they have learned lessons and perfected their craft."

Our parents and students were so excited by the camp, we have already received requests to hold more of them during all of our school year breaks. Based on this, we've just confirmed the scheduling our next Basketball Skills Training Camp over Thanksgiving Break. We know that our Bobcats will be excited!

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