On Friday, August 14 we got to see our Bobcats in person, via our socially distanced Back to School Parade. It was HOT, with it topping over 100 degrees in the afternoon. While a heatwave definitely made things interesting for all of us,  it was all worth it to get to see our students. Please enjoy some photos of our teachers and staff, and even a few cameos of our Bobcats. We can't wait to get back to school with everyone, but for now, fun days like this help get us through. Go Bobcats!


Mr. Ryan-1

Who better to welcome everyone to campus than Mr. Ryan?


Mr. A and Mr. Ear

Mr. A and Mr. Ear passing out art supplies to our youngest Bobcats.


Ms. K

Ms. K explaining the pick up process to one of our Bobcat families.


Avi C

Avi C. couldn't be more excited about being a junior this year!


Ms. Yearling and Ms. Sweet

Ms. Yearling and Ms. Sweet helping some of the first arrivals at the t-shirt table.


Mr. McCorkle-1

Mr. McCorkle kept cool by wearing a CamelBak full of ice. He's a smart guy!


Ms. Kolb

Ms. Kolb keeping the parking lot moving.



One of our lower school Bobcats picking up supplies.



We got to see Roshan A., who is in grade 9 this year!


Ms. Davis

Ms. Davis simply couldn't contain her excitement at the prospect of seeing Bobcats on campus!


Ms. Gousia

Ms. Gousia making sure this family had received all of their items.


Goodbye Committee

Ms. Liu, and our goodbye committee, Ms. Jordana and Ms. Miller.



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