Walk down any of our campus hallways and you will experience wonderful views of student artwork, rich in creativity and passion. This fall, students across all grade levels have brought their exploration of the arts to life, with support and guidance from our two Subject Expert Art Teachers, Dr. Charuhas and Ms. Jones.

We invite you take a virtual walk-through of just a sampling of some Bobcat creations.

Grade 5 Studio

Students in grade 5 began the year with inspiration from Aboriginal dot paintings to practice the use of color schemes. They used watercolor, acrylic paint, and q-tips to form their Australian animal of choice.

BISV Grade 5 Art-1

Grade 6 Studio

For their first unit on prehistoric art, students in grade 6 learned about the cave paintings at sites like Lascaux, France, and Altamira, Spain. Their project was to apply a mixture of flour, water, and dried tempera paint to canvas board. Once the background was painted to look like a cave wall, students used plastic stencils to paint prehistoric-inspired scenes with objects like animals and hand stencils.

BISV Grade 6 Art-1

Grade 7 Studio

The Grade 7 Studio Art Class began the year displaying their identity through the influence of the well known contemporary artist, Kehinde Wiley. Students used techniques of shading with pencil to draw self portraits and then used contrasting colors and objects with acrylic paint to display their identity of heritage, personality and interests. Up next: students in grade 7 will be expressing what they would like to hide behind in paper mache masks, following the inspiration of contemporary artist, Nick Cave. 

2D/3D Studio (8-12)

In the first weeks of 2D/3D Studio Art class, upper school students explored contour line drawings and mapmaking. Through the influence of artists, Juan Downey and Grayson Perry, students used drawing materials to make their own forms of maps displaying the various parts of their identity. Continuing their 2D exploration, students will be painting friends and family members using the advanced technique of foreshortening.  

AP 2D Studio (Grades 10-11)

AP 2D Studio is the most advanced art class at BISV. Students participate in a rigorous program of inquiry-based artmaking using advanced techniques and choice materials. Throughout the year, students will complete 20 artworks and inquiry writings that will be evaluated by the AP College Board. One of the first projects served as a practice piece to synthesize the inquiry process of artmaking by creating work connected to one concept through a series of experimentation, research and production. Students have moved forward to process materiality and experimentation of media. 

BISV AP 2D Studio

Art Highlights

Former AP 2D Studio student, Claire L. (class of 2021) was accepted into the visual arts program at California State Summer School of the Arts.  


“This summer I attended CSSSA, held at the CalArts campus. This summer program offers a peek into life at art school and insights into art careers. CSSSA inspired my creativity and the rigorous six day class schedule helped me think about creativity as a full time job instead of a hobby. CSSSA also gave me opportunities to use software and materials I don’t have at home. CSSSA is not a chance to learn or show off technical skill and ability, but an opportunity to try new things and take creative steps in new directions. I am a strong believer that CSSSA has something for everyone. ”

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