The BASIS.ed educational philosophy is built upon the idea of creating indepMQ2A4628.jpgendently motivated students. At BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, we strive to create an environment where motivated students are able to meet and exceed the high expectations set by our world-class curriculum.

Our approach to student support is holistic. Part of the ethos of BASIS.ed is to enable students to take ownership of their education as well as provide a comprehensive student support eco-system that adapts to students’ needs.

“We know that the key to excellence is about facilitating powerful interactions between highly qualified teachers and students that are eager to learn,” said Toby Walker, Head of School.

BASIS.ed knows that student success is predicated on the relationships they form with their teachers and the support they receive to achieve their individual goals.

Kristin Baker said that prior to attending BISV, her son Cole was not “inspired” by any of his teachers nor was he challenged academically.

“Cole is regularly inspired by his teachers at BISV. I see the work he does and it is challenging. The support system helped him gain confidence and rise to the challenge,” said Ms. Baker. “I don’t need to micromanage anything. Cole now considers himself capable of learning even the most difficult or complicated concepts as long as he puts in the work. In our family, we subscribe to the growth mindset philosophy. Cole knows that success is something attainable from hard work. This value is echoed by BISV.”

How We Engineer Student SupportMQ2A4677.jpg

BASIS.ed sets up a Student Support team at each school to help students meet high expectations. At its core this team is comprised of the Director of Student Affairs, the Deans of Students, and the teaching fellows. In a larger sense, Student Support draws on the teachers and parents as well to create a cohesive ecosystem of academic support for all our students.

First, we believe clear communication with the student and parents is one of the most efficient ways to increase student performance and motivation. Whenever possible this communication directly involves the student to ensure the student is knowledgeable and can take ownership of his education.

Second, student support hours and peer tutoring are opportunities for students to clarify any confusion with classroom materials and allow for the mastery of the classroom content. We realize that learning does not stop at the end of any given classroom and providing students options to extend their learning is vital to them becoming lifelong learners.

Third, by providing skill resources we can address any students who might be struggling with organization or time management, study constraints, or other habitual difficulties. This allows the student to be the best possible student they can be in the classroom, maximizing their engagement and learning.adv_eng1.jpg

Finally, Communication Journal checks ensure that students are aware and responsible for keeping track of their homework, assignments, and upcoming quizzes and exams. The Communication Journal also serves as the primary source for all things related to a student’s learning, allowing them to track their work and progress, promoting executive skills that will have a lifetime of benefit.

“These tools and methods are proven again and again across BASIS.ed to produce world-class students who continue to achieve excellence long after graduation,” said Dr. Hale, Director of Student Affairs.

The Student Support Team firmly believes that with a coordinated effort from administration, parents, and teachers, every student can take ownership of their education and achieve anything.

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