Ms. Hadley Ruggles was formerly Head of School of BASIS Scottsdale, which is currently ranked as the #2 high school in the country by U.S. News and World Report. For more details on Ms. Ruggles, please visit her background page.  

Ruggles_BINSVHOSDear Families, 
Welcome to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley’s blog, Eureka! Silicon Valley, and thank you for your interest in our nationally-ranked, world-acclaimed academic program for your child's education.
Our approach is simple. We use a renowned STEM-focused liberal arts curriculum, while fully supporting students by responding to every need they have. We hire bright, passionate teachers to teach it while instilling a lifelong love of learning to each child who walks through our doors.
Students who matriculate through our program are among the best and brightest students in the country, performing several years ahead of grade level according to any measure. Our students' academic success comes about because we:  

  • Raise academic standards and focus on critical thinking, problem solving and creativity; 
  • Recruit teachers who are experts in their subjects, and who ceaselessly inspire and support their students along a lengthy academic path; 
  • Reinforce accountability, and teach organizational and study skills, while holding the classroom as sacrosanct and encouraging students to find subjects they enjoy, and focus upon them. 

We believe kids should learn to appreciate the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake -- and our students do just that. The result is a curious, happy, energetic and fulfilled student body that attends top colleges and universities around the world.
You can learn more about our environment, where learning is loved and students excel, by joining us for an Information Session or a Meet the Teacher event. Thank you in advance, and once again, welcome to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley!  

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley is a San Jose private school providing students a nationally ranked STEM-focused Liberal Arts program for grades 5 through 12. We are now accepting applications for fall 2015.