N.S.Our Day in the Life series for this school year continues with Grade 4 student Nitya, Class of 2031!

Grade 4 students travel from classroom to classroom with their Learning Expert Teacher (LET). This is the last year they have an LET as their Grade 5 year helps prepare them for our Middle School Program. They have eight classes a day with their Subject Expert Teachers (SET), a mid-morning recess, along with their lunch and recess time. Their first class of the day begins at 8:00 AM and their last class ends at 3:35 PM. 

Nitya begins her day in Morning Meeting with her Learning Expert Teacher,Nitya Meeting (LET) Ms. Kato. In Morning Meetings, students will receive school announcements, reminders about upcoming events, and review their social and emotional concepts for the day through the Second Step Curriculum. 

Nitya's first class of the day is English! She has English five times a week with her Subject Expert English Teacher (SET) Dr. Ubellacker. This course focuses on four major components: reading, writing, conventions, and scholarship. In reading,
students will be able to recognize basic genre differences and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of texts by
identifying the main idea. In writing, students will also be able to produce short fictional and nonfictional written works, demonstrate mastery of basic paragraph organization, and respond to text-dependent questions by providing specific textual evidence. 

Next, Nitya heads to Performing Arts with her SET, Ms. Fisk. Nitya has all her Fine Arts courses - Performing Arts, Music, Engineering &Technology, and Visual Arts - twice a week. This course will encourage students to build upon their performance arts vocabulary as they engage in scene work, improvisation, and pantomime. Students will expand their knowledge of theatrical styles as they explore melodrama, commedia dell’arte, and shadow puppetry. 

Nitya Drama

Subject Expert Drama Teacher, Ms. Fisk, works with students in a circle sit down

After Performing Arts, Nitya has a quick recess break. Grade 4 students have a mid-morning recess every day.  

Nitya HistoryThen it's on to History class with SET Ms. Mokhber Shahin! This course is held every day and is designed to introduce students to social studies and history as discrete subjects within the humanities. Students will begin developing important skills needed to understand and think critically about the past and present. These skills include analyzing primary sources, close-reading non-fiction material, connecting historical events through chronology and cause-and-effect relationships, and evidence-based writing. Students will practice and apply these skills while exploring historical topics such as state and local history and the history of the 20th century. Students will also survey different ways of investigating the human world through archaeology, geography, and government.

After History, Nitya heads to Math with SET, Dr. Xue. Dr. Xue's goal is for students to gain knowledge of foundational mathematics by focusing on five key areas: operational thinking, number sense, measurement and data, geometry, and mathematical practices. Students have math class five times a week. 

Nitya Math

Dr. Xue (SET) and Ms. Kato (LET) work together to check student work

Finally, its lunch time! Grade 4 students eat their lunch in our multipurpose room before heading outside to the field for recess. Their lunch period is 40 minutes long. 

When Nitya gets back from lunch, it's PE time! Nitya has PE & Sports with SET, Coach Hicks four times a week. Today they are out on the baseball fields practicing hitting and catching. Nice swing Nitya! 

Nitya PE

Nitya cracks one past the pitcher's mound while her classmates wait for their turn to bat 

After being on the field for PE, it's back to a classroom for Mandarin with SET, Ms. Han. Nitya is a new learner of Mandarin so she is in a non-heritage class three times a week. This course is designed to help our primary students learn Mandarin through lessons that are rich in oral language, interactive, and project-based. 

Nitya Mandarin

SET Ms. Han reviews a quiz with students

For her last class of the day, Nitya has Science with SET, Ms. Martosoetjipto. This is her last class of the day every day of the week. This course is designed to teach essential science topics, as well as organizational and study skills. Science topics include ecology, biology, chemistry, and physics along with the scientific process. This course is taught with the use of hands-on approaches, investigations, and inquiry as much as possible.  

Nitya Science

Ms. Martosoetjipto, SET, review the lab guidelines before the groups can start their project

Thank you to Nitya and her family for allowing us to document a day in her life at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Lower School! 


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