Recently, our 5th grade students were able to work with our local Parks and Recreation Department by sprucing up a local park. They were given a very large pile of playground bark and asked to move it into the play area. It was a warm day but our students worked together and closely measured out the material, trying their best to keep the areas as level as possible. 


With shovels, wheelbarrows, and teamwork, our students were able to accomplish exactly what they had set out to do! The park looks great and it now has a safer area to play. Way to go Bobcats!

We also received a letter from the local volunteer coordinator, thanking our students for their hard work. 


First off, I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to be with and work with these students and teachers from Basis Independent Silicon Valley. The high energy, the "take-charge" leadership abilities and the overall happiness of everyone involved made the work of moving 50 yards of playground bark that much more fun. It was hard work and it was hot but everyone just kept on working to finish the job.

Adding this bark to the playground made the area so much safer for other youngsters to use. As a matter of fact, a couple of families afterwards commented on the positive work that your students did for this community. Thank you!

Have a great summer and thanks again!

Sue Bowling | Volunteer Coordinator
Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services


Check out the photos below! 








Dayatthepark1 (2)


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