BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Summer has launched amazing classes for summer 2020! Read on to learn about a few of our featured programs, and their fantastic teachers. Discover our full list of For-Credit offerings here. Get ready for a BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Summer! 


summer volleyball-2

Volleyball on campus, a Bobcat favorite no matter the time of year

Perez, JulianCompetitive Sports Clinic with Mr. Perez

A fun course this summer is our new Competitive Sports Clinic. Mr. Perez, one of our fantastic PE teachers, is bringing his fabulous positive attitude to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Summer. During the academic year, he co-coaches our Basketball and Volleyball teams. Read our Q&A with Mr. Perez below.

What are you teaching, and what are your goals for your students?

I am teaching the Competitive Sports Clinic Course this summer. My goals for my students are to maintain stellar physical condition, build strong techniques in team sports, and create confidence in each student to compete at a fun level.

Why are you excited to teach this class?

I am excited to teach this class because I like to break down movement techniques and focus on the bio-mechanics of sports to better one’s ability.

Did you always know that you wanted to be a PE teacher? Tell me a little about your journey here.

I did not always want to be a PE teacher, but my studies in Kinesiology prepared me on a practical level and also helped instill a love for teaching Physical Education. Teaching PE at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley has been nothing but fun and rewarding. We have a wonderful gym that we can adapt for all types of sports, and a diverse student body with different athletic abilities! Whether I am helping someone learn the basics of how to throw a football, or teaching a defensive scheme in basketball, I enjoy every second of it.


Mr. Henriquez

Mr. Henriquez advertising Digital Photography at this year's Electives and Capstones Extravaganza Event


Henriquez, Josh

Digital Photography with Mr. Henriquez

Mr. Henriquez is a History Subject Expert Teacher who also happens to be an avid photography lover and enthusiast. During the academic year he teaches both Digital Photography and Grade 6 History. Mr. Henriquez also co-coaches the Middle School Basketball Team. Read our Q&A with Mr. Henriquez below.

What are you teaching, and what are your goals for your students?

I’m very excited to be teaching this summer photography course. Over the summer we will study the history, art, science, and practicum of photography. This class is hands-on. Most of the time in the course will be spent putting the lessons to practice, which aids in developing the students into better photographers. My goal for students to move them from taking snaps to making art.

Why are you excited to teach this class?

I'm excited to teach this class because I truly love photography. I have some fun projects in store that I anticipate the students will thoroughly enjoy.

How old were you when you first picked up a camera? When did you know this was a passion of yours?

I'm not sure how old I was when I first used a camera, but I was 18 when I fell in love with photography. My school took an annual Senior Trip to Washington, D.C. My friend's mom forced him to take a camera but he didn't want to use it. I told him I'd use it. As we went around to all of these places of historical importance and architectural glory, I began to fall in love with photography. As someone who cannot draw a stick figure to save my life, I felt empowered that I could create works of art without having to pick up a pen or a brush.

Jupin, TannerFilm Studies with Dr. Jupin

While he enjoys teaching Honors English, Dr. Jupin LOVES teaching Film Studies! He teaches this course each academic year, and was thrilled to be able to offer is this summer. Dr. Jupin also facilitates Book Club and our Film Production Club, Bobcuts. Read our Q&A with Dr. Jupin below.

What are you teaching, and what are your goals for your students?

This summer, I am teaching Film Studies. In this course students watch, analyze, review, and discuss challenging, insightful, and exciting contemporary and classic films from the United States and across the globe. My goal for each student is to develop a critical vocabulary to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of film and visual media, and to practice this vocabulary in discussion and critical writing. For this reason, students read and discuss Film Studies: An Introduction, a guide to film production and terminology by Ed Sikov, and The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies, a critical history of both domestic and international film by David Thomson. Throughout the course, each student will write an analysis of cinematic technique in a classic film and a popular film review to be published in The Quill, our school newspaper. Students will also complete a final project that may including writing an extended review or analysis, producing a short film or screenplay, and attending a film festival.

Why are you excited to teach this class?

This is my favorite class to teach because of the amazing films we watch and the dynamic discussions that follow. Films that we have watched throughout the years include: City Lights (1931); Rebecca (1940); The Red Shoes (1948); High Noon (1952); Singin’ In the Rain (1952); Sabrina (1954); Paths of Glory (1957); The Blob (1958); Some Like It Hot (1959); The 400 Blows (1959); Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967); Zanjeer (1973); Raise the Red Lantern (1991); The Hate U Give (2018); Blinded by the Light (2019); Jojo Rabbit (2019).

What is your favorite movie, and why?

My favorite movie has always been The Natural (1984). I grew up a baseball player and this was a movie that I often watched with my family. Just to give you a sense for the film, I’ll describe the opening scene: Roy Hobbes, played by Robert Redford, is a 19-year-old pitching prospect in the early 1900s traveling by train from his home in Iowa to Chicago for a tryout with the Cubs. On this train ride, Hobbes’ life and baseball career are forever altered when he meets The Whammer, the greatest baseball player of all time, and Harriet Bird, played by Barbara Hershey, a serial killer that targets young athletes at the height of their career.

What is your favorite film to share with your students?

My favorite movie to watch with students has been Zanjeer (1973), a Bollywood crime-thriller directed by Prakash Mehra. The movie is fun and tragic and crazy, focusing on police officer Vijay Khanna’s obsessive desire to destroy the crime syndicate responsible for murdering his parents. Vijay, played by Amitabh Bachchan, is assisted by the knife-sharpening street performer Mala, played by Jaya Bachchan. The fight scenes are wild and engaging with a humorous intensity infused throughout by songs laced with romance and violence. The film is strange and unique, keeping students on their toes and leading to some of the most boisterous discussions in class.



An example of a fun 2D origami project


Jones, Kelsey-1Studio Art with Ms. Jones

Ms. Jones teaches a variety of Art electives at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley across middle and high school grades. She also facilitates the Art Club, and is a co-organizer of Mindful Fridays. Read our Q&A with Ms. Jones below.


What are you teaching, and what are your goals for your students?

I am teaching Studio Art, which will cover a variety of learned techniques involving both 2D and 3D materials. Students will learn how contemporary and historical artists connect concepts to their work, and will be able to create their own concepts through the variety of techniques taught. 

Why are you excited to teach this class?

I am excited to be able to offer more opportunities for Visual Arts at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. One of my greatest joys is watching students come alive with new innovative techniques and personal expression in the Art classroom, and I am excited to extend this opportunity to more students.

Has Art always been a passion of yours? When did you decide to become an Art Teacher?

Art has always had a place in my life, but blossomed during my undergraduate degree. I happened upon a student teaching job right after I graduated, but it was not until a year later that I found myself teaching Art to students in kindergarten and Grade 1. This experience allowed the missing puzzle piece of teaching to find its place. I have been teaching Art for eight years now, and it is difficult to see myself doing anything else. 

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