As the 2020-2021 school year started with Distance Learning, our Bobcats are at home taking their classes and working on their assignments. Several months into the year, our adaptable students are doing well, and are even thriving, in this new normal. However, most will acknowledge that there is a lot more to school than the school work itself: social connection and having fun with peers both being a tremendously important aspect of education. So many of our Bobcats typically connect with each other via our fantastic extracurricular activities on campus, but when you are not on campus-what do you do?

Dean Brady

Enter our amazing Auxiliary Team. There have been many ways in which we have had to adapt to these unusual times. Simple things like distributing materials and supplies become a more complicated process as our students are not on campus. But when your team focuses solely on in-person activities like social events and sports and clubs, every part of your standard process and routine must be rethought. Despite this incredible challenge, Ms. Yearling and her team have produced one of the more successful Enrichment seasons we have ever had on campus. All activities moved to a virtual platform, and were held to the same standard of quality as any other year. Our Bobcats still had the opportunity to work with Ms. Yearling to get new clubs started, and we engaged many new areas of interest for our community. Club meetings have started with a bang, and students are enjoying their activities.


This enrichment season, we saw the highest registration numbers we have ever experienced on campus. We typically begin each season offering nearly 50 activities. Despite the complications of running an entirely virtual enrichment program, our Bobcats were offered over 60 activities to choose from during fall 2020. Nearly 75% of our students signed up for at least one BISV activity this fall, which is incredible! Even without athletics to choose from this season, Bobcats still came out in force for enrichment activities!

milk bottle game

Another hugely important part of the job for our Auxiliary Team, is helping build and foster community through activities such as dances and carnivals, or longer term events like our Spirit Weeks. This has taken some intense creativity given that everything is virtual, but luckily the team is up to the challenge! We've already had two separate spirit weeks, several socially distanced car parade celebrations, Trivia Night, and Paint Nite!  Even if one of our school events could technically be classified as one run by the school, you will always find our Auxiliary Team supporting every effort, and doing everything possible to make sure our students have a great time. 


The photos featured in this blog are from our recent Homecoming Parade. Upper School students were invited to campus, and then drove the loop around our parking lot where they played games with staff (from a distance of course), posed for goofy photos, and even took home a few prizes. Students were asked to decorate their cars in either BISV spirit colors, or in a fall theme. They did not disappoint!


Some of our older Bobcats never imagined that they would attend Homecoming with their parents in tow, however as this year keeps showing us repeatedly, flexibility is key. Bobcat Moms and Dads seemed to have a lot of fun as well! Our students have become old hat at car parades, and we love seeing their enthusiasm as they show up for our events, often with their very cute dogs. Since we don't get to see them every day right now, fun parking lot antics are often the highlight of our week!


We continue to look for ways to celebrate our Bobcats during these unusual times, and are so lucky to have our innovative Auxiliary Team to help us. One day soon we will have our Bobcats back on campus, but until then, we will see you all in the parking lot!

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