What a year for the class of 2020! While a lot of things have been atypical regarding many aspects of education over the past few months, one thing is certain regarding our Bobcats--and it is that they have bright, exciting futures ahead of them. “This group of students is especially collaborative and resilient. We watched them form a community in which every single member of the senior class was included. I especially enjoyed watching them set an example for the rest of the student body, and I wish them the best of luck as they move on to the next step on their respective journeys,” said Ms. Batrachenko, one of our College Guidance Coordinators.

We are so excited to share our current list of college acceptances for the intrepid class of 2020. Additional acceptances will continue to trickle in, however this is certainly a list worth sharing now. Please join us in joyful congratulations for our seniors. Their hard work, intellectual curiosity, kindness, spirit, and ideas will carry them forward and we look to their contributions. We are Bobcat proud!

B2005_001 College Acceptance File v2

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