smiling-blonde-girl-in-class.jpgImagine summer courses your kids love, where they find themselves engrossed in projects and activities that make them laugh, think, and express themselves with complete freedom. Those are the kinds of courses BASIS Independent Silicon Valley is offering this year as part of our Summer Program. We are excited to invite you to view, register, and join our summer programs at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Summer Programs 2016!

We are proud to offer many diverse and unique programs showcasing the many interests our student body has expressed in previous surveys. BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Summer Programs are led by either our respected faculty members or one of our trusted partners.

Create your own BASIS Independent Summer experience - choose any individual week for each program, or try them all! Below are just a few descriptions of our summer programs, please view our website to learn about all our programs!


Algebra I/Geometry

Algebra 1/Geometry covers all of the traditional first-year algebra topics while helping students build higher-order thinking skills, real-world application skills, reasoning, and an understanding of interconnecting math strands. The class focuses on multiple representations of algebraic thinking: verbal, numerical, symbolic, and graphical. Topics covered include: algebra foundations; basic geometric concepts; functions and relations; linear equations; polynomials; rational expressions and functions; inequalities; systems of equations and inequalities; radical expressions and functions; quadratic equations; absolute-value equations and inequalities; and probability and data analysis. Real- world applications and continual practice/review are fundamental parts of the class and are important for mastery of the material. Students will have short breaks and lunchtime (lunch is not included). A TI-83/84 calculator required.

Prerequisites: Completion of Pre-Algebra or its equivalent. Note: Class will not be in session July 4-5.

Pre-calculus (Enrichment)

This course provides an in-depth coverage of trigonometry, logarithms, analytic geometry, and upper-level algebraic concepts. It completes the study of geometry (which is spread over four years in the Saxon series). Primary emphasis is on a continuation of the practice of intermediate algebraic concepts and skills while the upper-level algebraic concepts and skills are introduced. The study of trigonometry begun in the middle of Algebra II is continued, and a heavy emphasis is placed on the study of trigonometric functions, common and natural logarithms, and the equations of conics. Students will have short breaks. A graphing calculator is required.

Admission requirements: Completion of Algebra II.

Design and Engineering

Students will embark on an exciting journey to discover intelligent systems that are designed to handle moments of disaster without human assistance. These so-called “Robo-Healing Structures” include space stations, structures with active control, and extraterrestrial future robotic shelters. The interdisciplinary program designed to improve the knowledge of students in the area of automation, systems, structures, mechanisms, computer programming, and hardware-software relation. This project-based interactive program will begin with a visit to the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose to learn essential concepts, which will be followed by interactive lectures and group based projects throughout the week at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. At the conclusion of the program, the students will design a smart project with required automation.

Biology/CSI Forensics

In this course, students will use concepts from Biology and Chemistry to develop their observation and critical thinking skills by analyzing the scene of a crime! They will learn how to identify fingerprint patterns and details that help investigators match fingerprints. Students learn the basics of blood evidence and investigate bloodstain pattern analysis. Students will also get a brief introduction to DNA and DNA analysis.

Essay Writing Blueprint

Do you put hours and hours into your essays only to get grades far below your level of satisfaction? Do you feel confused and frustrated by the whole process behind writing a solid essay? Does it seem like all of your other classmates “get it” when it comes to what makes an essay “sound good” and “make sense?” Are you the kind of person who thinks that writing good essays is too mysterious to understand and only natural essay writers will ever do well in English classes? Well, what if someone told you that there is a step-by-step, systematic method to writing great essays that will not only get you the grades you’ve always strived for, but will astonish your teachers and give you newfound confidence in your writing abilities? Join our teacher this summer as he unveils the Essay Writing Blueprint, a writing guide he has mastered over years of working with students that anyone can learn and that delivers proven results. Students will learn the blueprint, write and peer edit each other’s essays, and take part in anonymous portfolio reviews with our teacher, allowing you an inside look into the mind of an English teacher so that you can see what it takes to write masterful essays.

Camp BizSmart

Described by CNN as one of the “Most Unique” education companies in America, presents a workshop, from June 16, 17, and 18, on the essentials of Silicon Valley Innovation & the secrets of building/developing a winning team, including design thinking, product innovation and the critical skills of leadership, collaboration & teamwork.

In this three day hands-on session you will learn from experienced Silicon Valley thought leaders, what separates a good team from a great team, and how a team can develop the grit and the courage to overcome adversity and difficult challenges. Students will compete on team based projects to invent the best customer need based product solution.  Students mentored by successful entrepreneurs, will leave with valuable business insights on successful communication, negotiation, leadership and teamwork. Please register here. This workshop will be offered at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley from June 16th to 18th.
Zenith Tutoring

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley will offer students top notch lessons and preparation for the ACT and SAT this summer! Founded by an MIT graduate, Zenith Tutoring guarantees higher scores and flexible schedules. Choose and register for a program that suits your schedule. You may make changes and attend other meeting dates/times offered at BISV and hosted by Zenith. The below classes will be offered this summer:

  • 34+ ACT or 1500+ SAT Guarantee, Unlimited Sessions
  • 4 Point ACT or 200 Point SAT Guarantee, Unlimited Sessions
  • 7 Point ACT or 200 Point SAT Guarantee, Unlimited Sessions
  • 800 Score Guarantee for Math 2 Subject Test, Unlimited Sessions

Techsplosion: Minecraft Challenge

Spawn into the curious world of Minecraft! Learn the fundamentals of video game design as you create epic worlds with the help of your fellow classmates and powerful tools like WorldEdit, make awesome screencasts like your favorite YouTubers, and during free time, compete in Minecraft Hunger Games, SkyWars, and more. Students will have short breaks for outdoor play time and lunchtime (lunch is not included).

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We hope to see you this summer!