For the 2022 - 2023 school year, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley was excited to bring back our New York City and Washington D.C. trip for high school students! 100 of our high school students and their chaperones toured both cities for six days seeing the sights, visiting historical monuments, and experiencing American History "in the room where it happened."

The high school history curriculum at BASIS Independent Schools includes AP U.S. Government and Politics, AP U.S. History, AP World History, AP European History, and a number of Capstone Courses such as Crime and Punishment: Criminal Justice and the Constitution, Existentialism and the Absurd, and Law and Philosophy. 

This trip allowed these students to experience and see much of what they learn in the classroom, in real life. 

Day 1 

After taking a red-eye and landing in Washington D.C. early that morning, our students wasted no time seeing the sights. First, was a biking tour of the National Mall. Students saw a few historical monuments, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, and the White House.

DC 2

After a quick break for lunch, their tour began again at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

To end the first day they gathered together for dinner, arcade games, and bowling! 

NYC 10


Day 2

Students were up bright and early to hop on the DC Metro and head to the Capitol Building. Our group took a guided tour through the Capital as well as the Supreme Court. 


After stopping for lunch they made their way to the National African American History Museum for the afternoon. 

Later after dinner, they joined a night walking tour of some of the national memorials. 

DC 4


Day 3

On day three our students had another early morning. This time heading to the Arlington National Cemetery. They were able to take a private tour and view the grounds before heading on a bus to make their way to New York City. 

DC 3

After checking into a hotel and dropping off their luggage, students got to ride the subway to their last stop of the day - Hamilton the musical. They even got to meet some of the cast after!



Day 4

On Day 4 students got to sleep in a little bit and got a later start before hopping on the subway to their first stop of the day. Students toured the 9/11 Memorial Museum before heading out for their next walking tour.


While walking around Greenwich Village students got to try authentic NYC pizza, bagels, cupcakes, and more sweet treats. 


After the Village, students continued their walking tour to Midtown Manhattan. Midtown is home to 30 Rock, Times Square, Trump Tower, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Broadway, and St. Patrick's Cathedral. 


After doing some shopping and touring Times Square, students got to stop for some famous New York cheesecake before ending the night.  



Day 5

On their last full day in NYC, students started their morning by heading to Battery Park and boarding the ferry to Liberty Island. Students then took a guided tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 


After lunch, it was time to visit the world-famous Central Park in style! Students took a biking tour of the park and learned about its history with the city and its residents. 


To end the night, they made their way to the top of the Empire State Building. 

NYC 12


Day 6

Before departing for the airport, students got to take one last walking tour around Lower Manhattan. 

NYC 13

After their tour, they grabbed their luggage, headed to the airport, and started to make their way back home. 


On the way back to San Jose, students reflected amongst themselves as well as with their chaperones on their journey.

For many, this was their first trip without their family and their first trip to the East Coast. They all had both personal and shared experiences when visiting humbling places such as the Holocaust Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, and Ellis Island. 

One student commented, "History feels more real to me now because I've been here and stood where they stood." 

Memories of a lifetime were made and our students and chaperones, though tired and amazed at the sheer amount of steps they had completed in those six days, were happy to have gone on this adventure together. 



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