Leading up to the Homecoming dance, our high school Association of Student Leaders planned a school-wide spirit week, including several themed dress up days that every grade could partake in.

We were impressed with our students’ school spirit, and teachers got involved too! It was inspiring to see our hallways filled with students and teachers alike having a blast and showing off their Red-Tailed Hawk pride. Students were happy to let us document their spirit with photos throughout the week:

Monday: Pajama Day


Spirit Week 2018 PJ Day (2)

Spirit Week 2018 PJ Day (5)

Spirit Week 2018 PJ Day (1)

Tuesday: Collegiate Day


College Day High-1

College Day Middle-1


Wednesday: Costume Day (Halloween!)

 2018 Halloween (4)

Halloween 2018 (39)

2018 Halloween (6)

Halloween 2018 (29)

Thursday: Jersey Day

K Jersey-1

Jersey Admissions-1


Friday: BIM Spirit Day


Spirit Week 2018 BIM Day (18)

BIM spirit 

We love seeing our students and staff get creative and bond as a school community. Students and families can show their school pride in a variety of ways throughout the school year, but this week is one of two spirit weeks organized by high school students.

Thanks everyone who worked hard to make this week a success and to all those who participated!