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January 13, 2016

BASIS Independent McLean on WTOP: Teacher Hiring Explained in 1 Minute

We're asked the question, "what makes BASIS Independent McLean different?" all the time. Though our difference lies in our IMG_2126.jpgaccelerated liberal arts, STEM-focused curriculum, and our culture of support and emphasis on student learning, it all boils down to the teachers. Of the many aspects that make BASIS Independent McLean an acclaimed private school, our teachers definitely stand out from the rest. Not only is our program more affordable than other academically high achieving private schools, but the value we place on hiring subject experts - and the quality instructors that result from the hiring process - is immeasurable.

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November 17, 2015

Teaching Demos: How We Hire The Best Teachers

We had our first Teacher Demonstration event last week at our Admissions office in Tysons. It was a great succes - we had four prospective teachers for our Early Learning Program teach our applicants in PreK through 1st grade as part of the teacher hiring process.

How we hire educators at BASIS Independent Schools is a big part of what makes us unique. Our Subject Expert Teachers are classroom warriors and we ask them to prove it before we invite them to become part of our team. It is a condition of employment that our teachers demonstrate a natural connection with students and a strong ability to learn and adjust quickly to new and demanding situations.

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