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January 18, 2017

Day in the Life of a 5th Grade Student

Sophia C. is a part of BASIS Independent McLean’s founding 5th grade class. Sophia’s passion and drive for success is truly inspiring. She is extremely creative and is widely recognized by her teachers as a student who is always willing to help out her classmates. Outside of school Sophia is an avid squash player, loves playing with her dog, watching movies, and working on the 5th grade newsletter. The BASIS Independent Prophet is a newsletter Sophia and her friends hand out weekly to their classmates. Sophia writes ghost stories and is also the newsletter editor.Sophie&Liliana-350692-edited.jpg

Sophia joined BASIS Independent McLean from a local private school and views our school very different from her last. “Right now I am glad to be here because I get to learn way more. My teachers pay more attention to me while teaching me something new every day. The teachers here make an effort to understand you. They know their subject because they have a lot of experience and allow you to go further in less time. If you are on a certain level the teachers work to get you to the next level and I think that is what is special about BASIS Independent McLean teachers,” said Sophia.

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June 22, 2016

BASIS INDEPENDENT SILICON VALLEY - 2016 School Year Academic Awards Highlights

What a year it has been at our sister school, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley!  As they settle into their summer routine, we reflect fondly on their student achievements for the year.

BISV Head of School, Mr. Walker, says, "As a school community we are so much more than simply our outstanding test scores.  We are a thriving learning community made of dynamic and determined students who embody the spirit of curiosity and academic intrigue. These achievements are a manifestation of that spirit."

Below scratches the surface of what has been a school year of accomplishments for our sister school community. We look forward to watching this list grow in the years to come:

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February 8, 2016

A Limitless Future: The BASIS Independent Student Video

We are excited to unveil to you the fruits of a couple of non-stop days in October - our BASIS Independent videos! Recently, we shared with you the first two videos in the series, the BASIS Independent Parent Video and the BASIS Independent Faculty Video.

Here's a refresher on the project: Over the course of three days, we filmed three separate videos: one about the family experience with our school, the teacher perspective on what it's like to work here, and the student perspective on what it is like to learn here. We love these videos and hope you do, too.

They are raw, spur of the moment, unscripted reflections of what it's like to be a part of the BASIS Independent community.

They breathe life into Education Redefined and demonstrate what happens when you combine an accelerated, rigorous curriculum with exceptional, expert educators in an environment of support and deep respect for the art and science of learning.

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