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December 22, 2015

Celebrating the Holiday Season

It was a whirlwind week for our sister school, BASIS Independent Brooklyn, in preparation for their Winter Break. We want to share with you a recent post of theirs on their school blog about their celebration of the holiday season. We get many questions as a brand new school about what community is like at an accelerated, academically advanced program. As a second year school, BASIS Independent Brooklyn is a wonderful example of an emerging community coming together. As we head into the holiday season, we can't help but look forward with excitement as we think of what 2016 will bring for us here in McLean. We'll see you in January. Happy reading (and happy watching and listening!):

"What we saw this week at our school was such a strong coming-together of faculty, staff, students, and families to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of the year thus far...and to have some fun! It is safe to say that everyone - teachers, administrators, families, and students alike - was blown away by the displays of multi-faceted talent we saw from students at our Winter Arts Gala. From the beautiful self portraits in the upper school, to technically astounding a-Capella renditions of holiday classics (plus songs in Swahili, Hebrew, Mandarin, and German), to witnessing the progress of students who've never picked up an instrument before, everyone's hard work shined through. (and we have never seen more hard work than what we saw coming from our students in their attempt to beat our faulty in the faculty v. students basketball game!)

As we take a breather from school for a little while, we walk away with the deep sense of community realized. It is hard to believe that two holiday seasons ago BASIS Independent Brooklyn was an idea. We've come so far and are enjoying watching the character of our community fully form.

The pictures and videos from this week say it all: this is a vibrant, exciting place to come to everyday. Parents - we couldn't catch everything from the performances and showcases this week. If you have more pictures or videos you would like to share - send them our way. 

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