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June 21, 2017

Project Week

The last week of school is a little different at BASIS Independent McLean! Project Week is an opportunity for students in all grades to work with their peers on multi-disciplinary projects. 

These projects challenge our students to be cooperative learners and to function as a team. At the end of Project Week, students enjoyed swapping tales of their wide-ranging adventures.

Below is a sampling of the projects students embarked on during Project Week.

PreK-Kindergarten Projects

We Like to Move It, Move It
This project was dedicated to transportation, both big and small! Three days on campus were spent engineering: creating vehicles out of recycled materials, designing cardboard box derby cars, building balsa airplanes, sailing boats, and even experimenting with ramps and speeds. On another day, our campus was visited by a real fire engine. These intrepid students also rode the bus and Metro to visit a local think tank called Mitre and even rode in a flight simulator. 


The Land Before Time
Students spent their days learning about the work of Paleontologists and Archaeologists through hands on projects that included making fossils, digging for bones, and creating their own dinosaur eggs. Our scientists in the making spent their last day at the largest playground in the area and opened their dinosaur eggs!

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