Though we’re still in the throes of winter, here at BASIS Independent McLean we are ready for summer! Over a four-week period in the summertime, BASIS Independent Summer offers 10 full- and half-day camps for boys and girls from PreK to grade 12. We sat down with Director of Auxiliary Programs Mike Anderson, who runs the summer program, to answer the five most frequently asked questions.

1. What’s new this year?

Summer 2018 brings a number of additions. We’ve added several summer camps for our youngest students in rising kindergarten through grade 2: Ooey Gooey Science, All Star Sports, Under the Sea, Cheerleading, and half-day French Immersion. The camps offer them the chance to have fun, meet new friends, and learn in the process.

Forensic Chemistry, for students in rising grades 6 through 8, will focus on the skills forensic investigators use to analyze crime scenes. The camp culminates with students putting their skills to the test in a mock crime scene set up on campus.

Our last new addition is the JumpStart camp for students in rising grades 6 through 8. This camp is intended to ease the transition for newly admitted students who are joining our academically rigorous middle school. Jumpstart is also great for current rising BASIS Independent McLean middle school students who are looking to gain confidence in and mastery of foundational knowledge for the year ahead.

Along with these additions, several popular favorites from 2017 are back: Mr. Sharp’s English Enrichment (two classes, one for grades 5–6, the other for grades 812) and Dr. Hartman’s project-based Science Exploration (grades 18). Look for future blogs to learn even more about all of these camps.

Summer 2017.jpg

2. Do I have to sign up for programming for the entire summer?

NO: You can choose any individual week or weeks for all of our programs. Check out our summer program webpage for individual program scheduling.

You can also take several different summer camps or courses as long as their schedules do not conflict. For JumpStart, English Enrichment, and Forensic Science, we strongly recommend students register for both weeks of camp.

3. Do you have to be a BASIS Independent student to sign up?

NO: Our program is open to BASIS Independent and non-BASIS Independent students. The summer program is a great way for current BASIS Independent families to continue their experience during the summer. Moreover, the summer program gives non-BASIS Independent families a chance to get to know our world-class educators, work alongside our incredible students, and see our campus for the first time.

4. Do I have to pay the entire program fee upon registration?

NO: You can choose to put down a deposit ($100/week for the length of the program) for each program you register for. The remaining balance is due on April 15. There is also an option to pay the entire tuition amount during your initial registration.

5. Who teaches your summer program?

Our summer camps are brought to you and led by the same expert educators that teach during the school year. This year, we welcome the following teachers to our summer camp line up. You can read their full bios here.

  • English Subject Expert Teacher Mr. Sharp – English Enrichment
  • Science Subject Expert Teacher Ms. Hartman – Science Exploration
  • Science Subject Expert Teacher Ms. Bulldis – Forensic Chemistry
  • French Teaching Fellow Ms. Montgomery – French Immersion
  • Kindergarten Expert Teacher Ms. Kimbrough – Early Learning Camps
  • Kindergarten Expert Teacher Ms. Moomaw – Early Learning Camps
  • Early Learning Teaching Fellow Ms. Johnson – Early Learning Camps

We hope you’ll join us this summer on campus! View our full list of offerings and register now. Early bird pricing lasts until March 15.