We have enjoyed meeting so many families at our Informational Events! We are humbled by the excitement families are showing over the Early Learning Program (Pre-K3 and Pre-K4) and we want to ensure you have answers to any questions you may have.

In part one of our Early Learning Program blog series, we are sharing answers to the top 5 questions that we've been asked at our admissions events. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Admissions Team should your questions not be covered in our series.

1.  How would you describe the type of program you offer? (ex. Montessori v. Reggio Emilia v. Play-Based, etc) 

Our Early Learning Program (ELP) is founded on the same principles that has made our legacy K-12 program a global success - we study education best practices from around the world and put them into action in our classroom with the ultimate goal of educating students to the highest international levels. Our Early Learning Program’s curriculum is based on ensuring children reach appropriate developmental milestones, are enthusiastic about learning, and are well-prepared for the transition to kindergarten. You’ll see in our classrooms familiar elements borrowing from a wide range of pedagogies spanning from traditional, academic early learning environments, to more open, play-based philosophies. Read more about our teaching philosophy and the wide variety of material covered in our ELP classrooms on our website

2.  Do you plan to offer transportation?

Yes. While no firm decisions have been made at this point, we are responding to applicant demand. If transportation is a need for your family, please do not hesitate to let us know.

3.  If my child completes the Early Learning Program Pre-K4 class will they be automatically accepted into the kindergarten program at BASIS Independent McLean?

Yes, all children that successfully complete the Pre-K4 class at our Early Learning Program will automatically be accepted to enroll in the kindergarten class at BASIS Independent McLean. The child’s successful completion of the Pre-K4 class will be based on their teachers’ recommendation at the end of the school year. The recommendation will take into account your child’s emotional, social, and academic readiness for kindergarten.

4.  Will there be after school enrichment, Early/Late Bird, and a summer program?

We do offer after school enrichment, as well as Early/Late Bird, and anticipate running a summer program. The after school enrichment program offering will be determined by the interests of our enrolled families, but may include activities such as soccer, art, music, or language classes. Early Bird and Late Bird is a voluntary extension of the school day available to all students and provides a place for students to complete homework (in the older grades) and quietly socialize with friends in a structured, supervised environment. Early Bird begins at 7:00 AM and Late Bird runs until 6:00 PM. Note that this timing is preliminary and subject to change based on the needs of our enrolled families. You can find more information about this service on our website. Details about potential summer programming to follow in the coming months, or sign up here to receive updates directly to your inbox.

5.  What will communication from teachers to parents look like?

Weekly e-newsletters will be sent from the teachers to parents. The newsletter will cover the activities in the classroom and how they relate to natural developmental milestones. Photos will be included to share the happenings of the week and give parents a feel for the activities (and hopefully see a picture or two of your child in action). Teachers will also have regular “Parent Hours” on a weekly basis after school, where they will be available for individual meetings about your child’s progress.

Our website is a great resource for understanding what makes our Early Learning Program a unique offering in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area as well as covering basics such as class size.

Our next post will cover what is perhaps the most frequently asked question we’ve gotten all year: what is the day in the life of a BASIS Independent Pre-K student? We will give you a look into the day of a student from our sister school, BASIS Independent Brooklyn.

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