If your child likes to get his or her hands dirty, our Ooey Gooey Camp is perfect for them! Kids age 4 through grade 2 can spend a week discovering the messy fun that is science. Students will experiment with goop, slime, exploding soda, volcanoes, and more.

We spoke with Ms. Kimbrough and Ms. Johnson to learn more about what to expect in this Ooey Gooey camp. Read their full bios here.

Why are you excited to lead Ooey Gooey Science?

Hands-on activities are the best way to explore the world! We decided to teach the Ooey Gooey Science Camp this summer because of all the fun experiments we will do. We are most looking forward to the many “aha!” moments the students will have as they discover new concepts like: how do colors change, how does matter go from a solid to a liquid to a gas, and how do you make elephant toothpaste?


Why should a student sign up for this camp?

The Ooey Gooey Science Camp will answer a lot of “I wonder if…” or “I wonder how…” questions as they learn by doing. Students will be engaged in understanding how different things work.  

What are some examples of activities or lessons you have planned?

We’ll learn a lot of great scientific concepts and reinforce them through fun, corresponding projects! For example, we’ll design lava lamps after discovering what kinds of things sink versus what floats, and we’ll create slime, foam, and oil and water bottles after learning about solids, liquids, and gases.

Dates:  July 30–August 3

Times: 9 AM–4PM

Fee: $495

Register now! This summer, we are excited to host four full-day camps for our youngest learners (age 4 through grade 2). These camps provide engaging hands-on activities for students to learn about new topics and physical activities through sports camps!

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