We’re excited to highlight our first middle school camp in our Summer Spotlight series—Jumpstart! This camp is perfect for new and returning students in grades 6–8 to acquire a strong foundation for a successful BASIS Independent McLean middle school experience.

Students will rotate through six classes each week—chemistry, physics, biology, English, history, and study skills—taught by some of our amazing BASIS Independent McLean teachers: Ms. Bulldis, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Hight, Ms. Floyd, Ms. Montgomery, and Mr. Sharp (read their bios here). Though you can register for just one week of camp, for the most impact, it is highly encouraged that students attend both weeks.

We spoke with several of our Subject Expert Teachers who are teaching one of the six classes in this camp to learn more about what's in store: 

Why is Jumpstart camp important for incoming middle school students?

Ms. Bulldis: Jumpstart camp is important for middle school students because it will give them firsthand knowledge of what going to school at BASIS Independent McLean is like and how to navigate the first few days at school. It is especially important in chemistry because we use a spiraling curriculum and it will help alleviate fears of students coming in off sequence.

Ms. Montgomery: The study skills portion of camp will teach and reinforce important skills for succeeding as a student. Learning how to take good notes, how to study effectively, and how to make the best use of their time, among other things, are valuable skills to have no matter what a student’s age. In our middle school program, when students will take Pre-Comp and Comprehensive exams, having these skills in place going into the new school year is especially crucial.

Mr. Hight: Middle school gives students more freedom and responsibility than they have had before, which is great! There are new opportunities for growth, but also new challenges as regards organization, note taking, study skills, and writing. This camp will help student prepare for those challenges. We will learn these skills through reviewing the foundational content knowledge students need to succeed in the coming year.

How could a current BASIS Independent McLean student benefit from this camp?

Ms. Bulldis: Jumpstart can help re-enforce skills and concepts that students learned in the academic school year that might have been tricky. It would also give current students a chance to help incoming, new-to-the-school students and build up the community.

Mr. Hight: Learning is always an ongoing process, and that goes for study skills, organization, and note taking, too! And it never hurts to refresh your knowledge of the previous year before starting the next one.

Mr. Sharp: All students can use more practice with writing, reading, and grammar!

Why are you excited to lead a portion of this camp?

Ms. Bulldis: I LOVE CHEMISTRY. I enjoy teaching middle school students the science that I love and want to help give them a good foundation of learning that will carry them through their academic career.

Ms. Montgomery: I am excited to give students concrete tools that they will be able to apply to all of their classes in the future. I also just really love organizing things and showing others how they can become organized, too!

What is the format of the camp? How will you fit six classes in one week?

Ms. Bulldis: Students will be following a shortened mock schedule of an everyday school day. Students will attend all six classes each day of camp. The mock schedule includes times for breaks and lunch. (Note: students must bring their own lunch.)

Are students required to take both weeks of camp?

Ms. Montgomery: No, students can take just one week. However, students will benefit the most by attending both weeks of the camp.

Dates: July 30–August 3 and/or August 610
Though you can register for just one week of camp, for the most impact, it is highly encouraged that student attend both weeks.

Times: Full Day Camp 9 AM4 PM

Fee: $495/week

We’re super pumped for this camp. It’s going to be educational, but also fun! We know it will help students start middle school at BASIS Independent McLean with the foundational skills and content they need to have a successful school year! Plus, it’s a great introduction to several middle school teachers and students.

Register now.

BASIS Independent Summer offers a variety of academics and recreational programs for kids age 4 through grade 12. Camps run July 16August 10. To learn more about BASIS Independent Summer, visit our website.