At our perspective parent Information Sessions, we are often asked what a typical day is like for BASIS Independent students. The best way to answer this is to look at it from the perspective of a 6th grader at our sister school in Brooklyn. 

In the content series, Student Voices, students were asked to talk about their experience and share their perspective on life as a BASIS Independent Brooklyn student.

Below we hear from Daisy, a current 6th grade student.

What’s The Day Been Like So Far?

“My day has been really great so far because I got back my Latin score and it was for my most recent test and I got an 87.5% and it improved my grade to an “A”. And I never took Latin before. Also, I had Chemistry and we learned about elements and we got to make models of our elements nucleus. We took all different types of materials and we made our model. It was really fun and cool.”


Being a BASIS Independent Student

“…they pay a lot of attention to you so if you don’t get something you can go for Academic Enrichment or student hours. [The teachers] keep track of what you know and what you don’t know. You never get left behind. You are always on the same page here. 

It feels really good to call myself a BASIS student. We get a lot of homework and we are doing really complicated work. At BASIS they are teaching us how to do it. It makes you feel like you can do anything. It’s like I’m doing high school stuff in chemistry right now, and I get it and it’s not hard for me! It’s really amazing that they can teach you something hard and it gives me a lot of confidence doing really hard stuff, and I’m totally getting it! They are teaching it really well.” 

Rewarding Challenges

"When I first got the C in Latin I wasn’t scared I just was trying to think about what I was going to do and Mr. Kaiserski said that I could go to Student Hours and Academic Enrichment and he reached out to me.I don’t have a favorite subject. I like them all. Latin has been the most rewarding for me because I had a C and I raised it to an A in two weeks! I did this through going to Mr. Kaiserski’s student hours and he helped me a lot and I went to him for Academic Enrichment. We worked through everything and I made lots and lots of flashcards and it ended up being really rewarding."


My Favorite Thing About BASIS Independent Brooklyn

“My favorite thing about BASIS is that it is such a friendly environment. Before I started BASIS I was really worried about making friends in middle school, but as soon as I got here for BOSS Camp (a before-school summer enrichment program), everything just clicked. It was really easy to make friends. Everyone was just so nice. You don’t feel weird if you are falling behind. Here at BASIS I feel like I am doing hard stuff but I understand it.”

Words of Wisdom

“I think that all the kids here are really nice. We are just a big family. If you come in and are new, it’s not awkward or anything. Everyone is just friendly to everyone and you are included in everything. It’s the best of both worlds. I’ve got the academic experience and the friendship experience.”

To learn more about life as a 6th grade student at BASIS Independent and our program features, join us at an upcoming Information Session

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