Learn more about BASIS Independent McLean from a current student! Searra ’23 is an admissions student ambassador who enjoys taking three sciences in middle school, playing on the conference-winning basketball team, and finds herself interested in English class for the first time. As a student ambassador, Searra and other students attend admissions events to talk to prospective families, and host students for a day through our Student Visitor Program



Searra, Grade 7

What makes BASIS Independent McLean unique?

How great the teachers are. I’ve never had teachers who specialize in one particular subject. It’s hard to explain something if you don’t completely understand it, but the teachers here completely understand their subject.

Previously, I didn’t like grammar much because it was hard, but this year it’s fun and my teacher does a great job of explaining the concepts. Even if it’s a boring subject, Ms. Miller can make it fun.

What do you love about BASIS Independent McLean?

It’s really different than what I’m used to. I went to a really small school before. This is really diverse and different. At my old school, I knew everything and wasn’t challenged. Here I’m actually being challenged.

What is your favorite class and why?

I like Biology because it’s the science that I find really fun. I like understanding how the human body, animals, and all other life forms work. I want to be a doctor, so it’s really interesting to me.

2.17.17 1586.jpgHow do you like taking three science classes—Biology, Chemistry, and Physics—at the same time?

I think it makes it easier for high school. I like that they are separate classes and because I’m taking all three at once, I’ll retain it better because they’re connected.

What would you say to a student considering attending BASIS Independent McLean?

I would tell them how I really, really enjoy being here. This school is just so much more advanced than anything I’ve ever done. My first year here, it was tough because at my old school it was simple and I don’t think I really studied, so I had to adjust and learn how to study. It’s hard, but if you study you’ll be fine.

What does our school motto, “Show Respect, Take Responsibility, and Make Improvements, mean to you?

Show-Take-Make means behaving the right way always and respecting and helping others. Also trying to make yourself better.

Do you participate in any clubs?

I’m on the girls’ basketball team. I’ve never had a sports team before at my school, so that’s cool. I’ve played for so long outside of school, it’s nice to play with classmates.

girls BBL 2017.jpgLast year the Girls Middle School Basketball team won the Independent Small School Athletic Conference Championship! Tell us about that.

The championship was against a pretty good team. In the regular season, we’d only lost to them. In the regular season game, near the end we were tied, with 30 seconds left,and they scored. In the Championship, the same thing happened, except we were the ones that scored! Winning the championship was exciting. I’m ready for this year.

Why do you enjoy being a student ambassador?

I find it fun to help people and if I was new, I would want someone to show me around. It’s good for a prospective student to get a student’s view of the school.

If you’ve already applied, you may register for our Student Visitor Program to shadow a student ambassador for a day. Learn more here. If you haven’t applied yet there’s still time! Applications are due January 25. Apply Now.