Last week's blog series; Alumni Angle, highlighted an account from a BASIS Alumi and their BASIS experience, transiton, favorite memories and college preperation. One of the elements we looked at was the overall experience, college preperation and key learning from the Senior Project. In this week's three part series, we focus on the Senior Project, the evolution of the Senior Project and discussion with the Director of Parnerships, who has been instramental in the Senior Project's implementation at BASIS.


In last week's blog series, Alumni Angle: we delve further into the importance of the Senior Project. looked at  three-part series offering a closer look at one of the hallmarks of a BASIS Independent education: The Senior Project.

Part 1: What is a Senior Project?

Simply put, the Senior Project is the culmination of the BASIS Independent experience.

A BASIS Independent education cultivates students who are highly engaged, inquisitive, and autonomous learners. Our curriculum is designed to establish and reinforce cross-disciplinary associations; it begins with the Connections program in grades 1-3, the study of disciplinary sciences, Latin, Logic, and Economics in Middle School, culminating with the Senior Project as graduation approaches. BASIS Independent seniors spend the last trimester of their high school careers applying what they have learned in previous years to an independent project that explores their individual path of learning and potentially, their future course of study.

So, how does it work? 

Senior Projects require students to work at a public or private sector institution, or enroll in a college or university's external study program. For example, students can team up with any national or international company or university of their interest – from big corporations to entrepreneurial endeavors.  Students embark on a mentor-guided program of academic inquiry with limitless possibilities. This is more than just your average internship; students bring an exceptional level of expertise and a fresh perspective to the entities they engage with for their project.  Our program fosters valuable real-world insight while maintaining a sense of intellectual curiosity during the research and application process. While conducting their senior project, students maintain a blog during their senior project to document and share their experience and accomplishments

BASIS Independent Senior Projects are a point of pride for students, parents and teachers at our schools, and one of the most distinctive aspects of the BASIS Independent academic program.

Students who complete their Senior Project demonstrate accelerated academic fortitude within an area of deep interest and gain an edge in continuing their studies at a college of their choice…and beyond. Students who successfully complete a Senior Project earn a distinction of High Honors on their diploma and have the unique opportunity to present their Senior Project to the entire Upper School community.

Check out our Senior Project video!

In Part 2 of the series, we’ll have a closer look at some Senior Projects, past and present.

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