Spring 2020 Student Accomplishments 

Though we could not be on campus together this past spring trimester, our students continued to test their knowledge, help others, and earn recognition. Here we highlight our students accomplishments from spring 2020. 

  • Our Science Olympiad team won Division B Rookie of the Year from the Virginia Science Olympiad (VASO). Rookie of the Year is awarded to the highest scoring school in each division in its first or second year of competition. 
  • Annie W. '21 and Mimi Y. '21 were both accepted to the Virginia Governor's School for humanities. Sonja B. ' 21 and Sarika S. '21 were both named alternates for the virtual language academy.  
  • Caden C. '29 earned the Dr. Charles Townes Supernova Award. He has now earned all 11 Nova awards, and both Supernova awards. He is only the second Cub Scout to earn all of the Cub Scout STEM awards in the DC area, and is the youngest to do so. 
  • Students in our newspaper club published their final edition of The Hawk Talk by working together digitally. Articles will be features on this blog throughout the summer. 


  • Aiden F. ’25 placed 7th in Mathleague.org’s National Contest in the grade 7 division.  
  • The BASIS Independent McLean contingent that participated in the mathleague.org online State Contest earned second place in Division 6! From that contest, Owen H.' 30 and Anna W. '27 qualified for the National contest.  
  • Owen H. ’30 placed second in the grade 3 category in the online Mathleague contest. 

Class of 2020 

  • Check out Audrey K. '20 in the center at 0:55 of this Flute Center of New York video! The group put out an all call for anyone wanted to participate and assigned people parts based off of their birthdays. Audrey made a video of herself playing and submitted it to be a part of the piece. 

 Pandemic Helpers 

  • Chelsea H. ’24 led local young artists to auction their art as a fundraiser to benefit our community’s at-risk seniors. With their proceeds, they were able to purchase 5,000 face masks for senior homes in the DC area. The teens wrote, "Dear Seniors, We are thinking of you! Please take care, stay safe, and be strong!"  
    Chelsea H face masks 2 800
  • Sahar H. '31 and Tahiyah H. '27 worked with the Newell Company, makers of Expo markers, to obtain a very large donation of markers for ICUs and ERs for use while isolated in a COVID-19-positive patient room. The sisters also donated masks and thank you cards to local hospital staff. 
    Sahar and Tahiyah800
  • In looking for ways to help our local community, Jeffrey G. ’21 raised money for SOME (So Others Might Eat), which is a nonprofit organization that provides food and basic medical necessities to those that need it. He says, "There are currently 17 million Americans unemployed, with the number increasing each day, especially in the DC area. Now, more than ever, we need to come together as a community and give back to those that are really struggling through this period of uncertainty.” 

National Latin Exam 

  • Gold Summa Cum Laude: Anna Y. ’20 (Prose IV), Caroline S.’21 (III), Spencer F. ’23 (II), Cavan G. ’23 (II), Robert W. ’23 (II), Sofia J. ’20 (I) 
  • Silver Maxima Cum Laude: Justin W. ’20 (Prose IV), Mimi Y. ’21 (Prose IV), Sean P. ’21 (Prose IV), Sreeya R. ’21 (III), Charles R. ’23 (II), Ty S. ’23 (II), Jai G. ’24 (I), Christopher Z.  ’24 (I)
  • Magna Cum Laude: Liselotte D. ’20 (Prose IV), Victoria B. ’20 (Prose III), Shalini S. ’22 (III), Evan B. ’22 (III), Eric M. ’21 (III), Andrew S. ’22  (III), Aneesh V. ’23 (II),  
  • Cum Laude: Evelyn F. ’23 (II), Andy Z. ’20 (I) 
  • Perfect Score & Intro Ribbon & Certificate: Vivian X. ’25 (Intro) 
  • Intro Ribbon & Certificate: Warren H. ’25 (Intro), Caden Z. ’25 (Intro), Phoenix D. ’25 (Intro), Olivia P. ’25 (Intro) 
  • Intro Certificate: Om S. ’25 (Intro), Max J. ’25 (Intro) 

Le Grand Concours – National French Contest 

  • Platinum Medalist (1st in the nation): Cynthia T. ’23 (level 2)        
  • Gold Medalists:  Daria L. ’23 (level 2) 
  • Silver Medalists: Natasha A. ’25 (level 01), Louis H. ’21 (level 4), Pallavi M. ’22 (level 4), Melis O. ’24 (level 1), Darius R. ’24 (level 1), Neha R. ’24 (level 1), Fiona X ’24 (level 1) 
  • Bronze Medalists:  Mackenzie F. ’24 (level 1), Jose G. ’22 (level 3), Nathan H. ’23 (level 3) 
  • Honorable Mention: Arsalaan A. ’22  (level 3), Marvi A. ’24  (level 1), Aayna B. ’22  (level 3), Owen B. ’22 (level 3), Cameron C. ’25 (level 01), Julia H. ’25 (level 01), Chelsea H. ’24 (level 1), Anahit H. ’25 (level 01), Sarika S. ’21  (level 4), Isabella S. ’23  (level 2) 

We are still waiting on the results of the National Spanish Exam and will share those when they are released. 
Congrats to all our Red-Tailed Hawks!