Let's quaranSTEAM! We asked students to show us what this time at home has been like through science, technology, engineering, art, or math (STEAM). Our entries were small, but mighty. We love seeing how our students are expressing their creativity at home. In this contest, we couldn’t help but declare everyone a winner. View all of their wonderful STEAM creations below.

Easton Z., PreK-1: Origami woodpecker and other art

Easton has been staying busy and couldn’t just pick one thing! Watch his video to see all the science and art projects he’s been working on. Also enjoy photos of his origami woodpecker!

EX origami-woodpecker


Phoenix D., Grade 7: Rubber band launcher, hydraulic arm, and gear heart

Phoenix has been hard at work on three different feats of engineering. Watch his video to see these three creations:

  1. The rubber band launcher is his original Lego creation, designed to launch rubber bands. It is fully automatic, so you can just keep on launching rubber bands without having to reload. With the fast rate of fire, the launcher can be loaded with up to 35 rubber bands. The launcher can propel rubber bands to up to 40 feet!
  2. The hydraulic arm is made out of cardboard and powered by water in syringes. The syringes can move the arm up and down, extend and retract the arm, bend the arm, and open and close the hand. The hydraulic arm is fun to play with and can pick up things like soda cans or books.
  3. He designed a gear heart and printed it on a 3D printer. It is comprised of eight fully meshed gears that come together to form the shape of a hear.



Wesley G., PreK-2: Cardboard vending machine

Watch his video to see how the vending machine works! Wesley used recycled items to make a vending machine that accepts a credit card or coins. He used a shoebox, tape, scissors, a sharpie, and a toilet paper roll.


Mohan P., Grade 5: 4 Stages of Life in Quarantine art

Are your stages the same as Mohan’s?

5 Mohan P. Q  STEAM


Shenghan X., Grade 2: Lego cargo airplane

Watch his video to see how the cargo plane works!



Chloe G., Grade 5: Learned to play Beethoven's Pathetique Mov. 3 on the piano

She says, “I learned to play Beethoven's Pathetique Mov. 3. I chose this piece because it represents grief, sorrow, bravery, courage, and heroism that people demonstrate in the face of great adversity. I will continue to polish this piece. I hope you will enjoy it.”

Watch her video here! 



Julia U., Grade 4: Lego construction site

She spent weeks building each part of her construction site.

4 Julia U


Maya S., Grade 3: Tadpole life cycles and art

Sourcing several tadpoles from the pond in her backyard, Maya put them in a fish bowl and hopes to watch the life cycle of the five tadpoles.

Maya tadpoles

Maya also made art!

3 Maya art2

Great job, Red-Tailed Hawks!